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We win the hearts and minds of your consumers by creating memorable packaging design in NZ that elevates your brand. They say its what’s on the inside that counts, but our packaging makes the outside great too. Whether displayed on a website or a retail shelf, our tailored packaging solutions stimulate the senses, attract customers, and drive more product sales.

White Rabbit packaging design NZ
Packaging design in NZ

Powerful packaging design in Auckland and across New Zealand

At White Rabbit, we can produce a graphic packaging design for your product that will ensure it flies off the shelves.

Effective packaging design is your brand’s best chance to influence customers to purchase your product. The crowded retail shelf is one of the most competitive marketing environments for competing for customers’ attention. We’ll ensure that your new package design has an overwhelming visual appeal, enticing people to pick up your product instead of reaching for a competitor’s. We offer packaging design in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Taupo, and the rest of New Zealand.

Our design agency will work with you to generate ideas, research your competition, and communicate your product’s advantages and values. Following this, we’ll provide you with custom package design solutions that are sure to set you apart from the crowd, whether that’s on a website or a store shelf. Our team are experts at creating packaging design that grabs attention and motivates customers to buy your product. Using colour, form, material, and typography, White Rabbit communicate your brand’s story compellingly and uniquely.


Modern graphic packaging design
We believe in creating packaging design that builds brands. Quite simply, we develop memorable, elegant solutions that your customers will want to pick up.

Check out some of our recent packaging design work

Person holding a coffee cup with creative packaging design

Altura Coffee

Two boxes stacked with custom mexican packaging design for Mexicali Fresh

Mexicali Fresh

Milk chocolate bars standing up showcasing orange and typographic elements for a charity supporting people with low vision

Blind Low Vision

Gin bottle on display showing sleek black and white design on the packaging

Trident Distilleries

Top view of coffee bag packaging displaying green sleeve design with a bean logo

Eighth Continent Coffee

Modern orange and green packaging designed for a beer company featuring illustrations

Brick Road Brewing

Our packaging design process

  • Our process begins with the basics. We’ll look at what the product is, the dimensions and what materials may work best. It’s then important that we get to know your goals, your brand and your competition. The better we get to know these details, the better we can connect with your ideal consumers. We establish a clear road map for your packaging design success.

  • The insights gleaned from our research are put to use as our creative ideas begin flowing and the design phase is in full swing. We consider key elements such as colour, typography, shape and imagery and how these will best catch the attention of your target audience. Our design strategy will also aim to communicate the core values of your product and build brand recognition.

  • This process is all about refining the design. Our team will polish and refine your concept based on any changes you’ve requested. The objective here is to make sure that the final design aligns with the goals we set out to achieve.

  • The dieline is created. This is the template for your package. It’s a flattened outline of all the cutlines, overlaps and folds in the packaging. This is where the artwork then goes to print and your packaging design concept soon becomes an exciting reality. We pay exceptional attention to detail during this stage, ensuring that the integrity of the design is maintained throughout the printing process.

Attract sales with packaging design that resonates

Your packaging has only a split second to reach out and grab your customer’s attention. It is often your first, best, and last chance to make a sale. Innovative, attractive design is therefore crucial to make a connection with your target audience. We’re experts in creating attractive packaging design solutions that create an impact.

Packaging design plays a huge role in attracting sales and creating a product’s perception value. That’s why neglecting quality design can often lose you sales. Even if your company has the superior product, it can easily be outshined by competing products with better packaging.

There is obvious value to visually appealing, persuasive packaging design. It can drive more sales; be instantly recognisable and encourage repeat and loyal customers; and quality design can make an emotional connection. Our services are deeply focused on turning heads, creating visual interest, and ultimately putting your brand in their home.

Label design in NZ

Packaging design tailored to suit your product

Our ability to design and produce effective packaging design has made us the go-to experts when your product demands a unique, tailored solution. We create distinguished solutions that give you a point of difference from the rows and rows of competition.

We understand that every project is unique. That is why we work with our clients to develop custom packaging design solutions that appeal to your target audience, ultimately leading to the success of your brand. Whether it is a box, a bag, a jar – or anything else you might have in mind, White Rabbit has the skillset and creativity to design packaging tailored to our client’s specific needs. We will unlock your brands full potential and deliver a high-quality result that you and your customers will fall in love with.

Modern coffee bag design for NZ company
Clever and creative packaging design inspiration and ideas

We make ordering packaging design online easy

You can order packaging design services online or speak directly to a member of our team. We’ll ensure that your new package design has an overwhelming visual appeal, enticing people to pick up your product instead of reaching for a competitor’s.

Our enthusiastic, friendly, and collaborative designers are here to take your packaging needs from concept to completion, all within one organisation. White Rabbit is here to see the job through. Once the design work is complete, we’ll get to work on the physical production of your brand-new packaging too. Our experienced print design team can help your business navigate through the entire process of package creation. Whether it’s a quick refresh or a complete package design line-up, you can count on us to make the project as easy and stress-free as possible.

Over time, we’ve honed our ability to generate effective packaging designs across multiple industries. We use the latest technology and source the best materials to provide world-class packaging. Whether it’s a box, container, or label, White Rabbit can develop solutions that command attention and deliver results.

Packaging design in Auckland

With our packaging design service you get the complete package


A quality product deserves quality packaging that attracts the attention of consumers. Our intimate knowledge of materials and print processes means we’ll deliver a truly exceptional result.


We create custom designed concepts that bring your brand to life. Our package design specialists will give your products the best chance in the market with tailor-made packaging to suit.


We provide a full packaging design service. From initial concept, design, and development through to the final physical packaging, our team can help you navigate your way to success.


Our simple, clean, and minimalist design conveys your brand message in a clear and concise way. By eliminating clutter and elements that distract, your product is sure to stand out.


If your package is well designed and eye-catching, it’ll get noticed on a store shelf or website. We work with our clients to create solutions that stand out from the competition and drive sales.


Packages should protect your product during transit, on the retail shelves, and in its use by the consumer. We will keep in mind the aspects of its functionality including size, shape, and storage.

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