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If you want your business to be seen online, you need to think about your SEO. The NZ digital space is getting busier every day – and SEO is what will help your brand stand out.

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Now you see me

What is SEO, anyway?

The term stands for Search Engine Optimisation. As the name suggests, the purpose of SEO efforts is to optimise a website so that it ranks well on Google’s results. It’s basically the difference between showing up at the top of Page 1 or down at the very bottom of Page 7.

And no one looks at Page 7.

Your SEO is what makes or breaks your visibility to organic, inbound search traffic. That’s why it’s increasingly becoming the cornerstone of a powerful online presence.

Wondering where to start? Welcome to the White Rabbit warren. Our skilled, tech-savvy bunnies are here to transform your SEO efforts and get your brand the traffic it deserves.

Our strategic SEO plans draw clients and traffic to your website and increase sales by ranking high on Google for relevant search phrases in the NZ market.

We go with the flow

Google’s algorithm is a clever beast. It uses literally hundreds of factors to calculate which pages go where, and they’re changing all the time.

Fortunately, at White Rabbit, our busy bunnies know all the great moves to make Friday nights at our favourite club, the Hutch, unforgettable make sure your site’s keeping up with the game. If you want great SEO in NZ, you want a team that’s able to adapt quicker than a running rabbit.

Sounds like us. We won’t just get you climbing the ranks. We’ll help you stay there.

And we keep it simple. After all, websites (like rabbits) come in different shapes and sizes. That means that what suits a little Holland lop-sized site might not be enough for a Flemish giant of a page.

That’s why we offer a range of monthly SEO plans, so you’re only paying for what your site needs.

No fluff, just function.

SEO in Auckland NZ

The World: Brought to you by Google

How many times have you hopped on Google – or, God forbid, Bing – to look for something you need? More and more companies are seeing the importance of going online, which means that customers have a lot to choose from. That’s why they’re relying on the power of Page 1 to help them find what it is they’re looking for.

They aren’t willing to go far. Did you know that over half of people click on the first three results of Google alone?

That means that effective SEO efforts are an invaluable part of getting your business noticed. More attention means more clicks, more leads, and, if you’re a clever bunny, more sales.

You don’t need a rabbit’s eyesight to spot the benefits.

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Get the right kind of attention with good SEO – from Auckland to Dunedin

There’s no point driving heaps of dog owners to your site if you sell rabbit food. (Although we think it’s delicious.) SEO in NZ is more than just about improving the quantity of your traffic. It’s about improving the quality of your visitors, too.

Good SEO gets you traffic that’s looking for what you’re selling.

How does it do that? It uses keyword research to pick relevant search terms that ensures you show up in results related to what your business does. It uses backlinking to drive traffic to your site from relevant pages across the web. And it uses content creation to get you on the radar of people who want to hear more about the products or services you offer.

After all, what’s a better prospect than one already sliding down the sales funnel?

Our busy bunnies know what’s what when it comes to helping your business stand out from the crowd. Our SEO services represent a comprehensive suite of data-driven excellence designed to get you noticed and help you succeed online.

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White Rabbit, White Hat

Just like our favourite organic bunny food, it’s all good stuff here. That means all our SEO is White Hat. That’s the stuff that follows all the guidelines, sticks by the regulations, washes behind its ears and stays squeaky clean in Google’s eyes.

We don’t use any Black Hat SEO. That’s tricksy hobbitses techniques that essentially cheat your site’s way into success. Google doesn’t like those methods and will hit your site with a penalty if you use them.

Here at White Rabbit, it’s all good, 100% free-range, organic, grass-fed White Hat SEO.

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Search engine optimisation in Auckland

Design to data, we do it all

Maybe your site’s not ready to be seen just yet. Maybe it’s not changed its look in a while and is feeling shy. Maybe it’s new to the scene and still trying to pick the right clothes.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a little makeover, our creative bunnies offer web design that transforms. We’ll doll up your site and give you something that you’re proud to see take centre stage online.

Sounds exciting? We sure think so. And so will your customers.

Let’s hop to it.

SEO services in Auckland, NZ

Who are we?

We’re White Rabbit.

We’re a full-service design agency based here in Auckland, but that doesn’t mean we stick to our burrow. Whether you’re hare, there, or anywhere, we can work with you. We give businesses New Zealand wide fantastic design that helps them stand out.

Whether you’re a one rabbit band or a whole warren, we’ll work closely with you to identify your goals and get you on track to meeting them.

Google is the internet’s map. Let us put you on it.

Want to know more about how our design bunnies can help get you noticed? It’s time to follow the White Rabbit.

Flick us a message (or a carrot – both would be ideal) by clicking here.

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