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At White Rabbit, we’ll help you turn mundane mail into marketing magic with our email signature design services.

White Rabbit email signature design
Custom email signature in NZ

It’s time to get more out of your emails

We know that first impressions count. But what about the final ones?

If you’re like most professionals, odds are you’re sending hundreds if not thousands of emails a month. Have you thought about what you’re doing with the vacant virtual real estate at the bottom of your messages? If you’re looking for a sleek, captivating, custom email signature in NZ, the White Rabbit team is here to help.

Custom email signature design
A professional email signature is a fantastic way to turn every digital dispatch into an opportunity to make a powerful impact on new prospects, and turn curiosity into conversions.

Check out some of our recent email signature work

Modern email signature design on an iphone for a pasifika charity

F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa Trust

Black display of a sleek email signature designed for a finance company


iPhone displaying a unique email signature with a bird logo


Email signature design for a marine company

Manaaki Marine

Get html email signatures that look professional for email sign offs


Purple tablet displaying email signature design for a pay later business


Our email signature design process

  • The first step is to determine the overall style you’d like your email signature to have. We discuss what content you want to be included: contact details, logo, colours, and links. We can adhere to any specific brand guidelines for the design concept.

  • Time to bring your email signature design to life! We consider your brand’s key elements, such as typography and colours, to create an email signature that perfectly reflects your company’s style, tone and branding. After, the concept/s are supplied to you for review.

  • During rounds of revision, we work closely with your team for direction and amendments to polish and refine the design. Following adjustments, the final email signature design awaits your approval.

  • This is the final stage where you will receive your shiny new email signature. We code it into HTML and supply you with instructions for adding it into your email application. Now you and your employees can cohesively sign off with your brands signature in the digital world.

Engage better with a custom email signature in NZ

A great email signature design is on-brand, engaging, and gets your recipient to act. And we mean more than just hitting the reply or forward button.

Any marketer worth their salt knows that compelling marketing material has to end with a clear call-to-action; that is to say, an implicit instruction moving your prospects towards the next move you want them to take.

There’s an immense range of call-to-actions you can slide into your email signature. Whether that’s a link to your LinkedIn to build your professional network, an option for them to subscribe to your newsletters, or a redirect to register for an event, every email you send is a valuable opportunity to make a powerful impact on your stakeholders. Plus, many emails don’t just stop with your contacts. The power of forwarding means that one message could spread through the web like carrot roots in fresh soil. Now that’s tasty outreach.

We don’t just talk the talk. Have a look below to check out examples of email signature designs we’ve done for our happy clients in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and the rest of New Zealand.

Email signature design in NZ

Say hello to HTML

Here at White Rabbit, our brilliant bunnies love using the power of HTML to craft a compelling email signature for you and your brand.

There are heaps of great reasons why we love HTML. It’s the same stuff your browser uses to format the text in a message itself. That means your email will be less likely to be flagged as spam. Plus, you’ll be able to put in direct links to your landing pages, ensuring that your customers are only a click away.

Your logo will also appear within the text itself rather than as an attachment. That will make your email look cleaner, sleeker, and more professional.

It will also ensure that your message is optimised for mobile viewing, which is essential in a day and age when many of us check our emails on our phones or tablets.

When your signature is coded in universally understandable HTML, you’ll be able to ensure that all your employees’ email signatures are consistent. That will help you reinforce your company’s identity and reinforce a professional, credible image for your brand.

Mail on mobile – have you made the move?

More and more people are using their mobile devices to check their mail on the go. That’s why you need to make sure that your signature is mobile-friendly.

Our brilliant tech bunnies are the bee’s knees when it comes to making sure that your design looks great to go, no matter the device. We’ll craft something for a multi-monitor set-up or mini mobile screen that looks great and works better.

HTML email signatures in Auckland

With our email signature design service you get the complete package


We design email signatures with a clear call-to-action. This guides prospective clients towards the next move you want them to take, whether that’s buying a product or visiting your website.


Email signatures can be a fantastic way to help your brand stand out from the competition. Let us use our creative, unmatched skills to ensure your business leaves an impression on customers.


Our email signatures are customised to suit your brand. It combines your message, your style, and your culture with a fresh, one-of-a-kind design that renders your company unmistakable.


A professional looking email signature will give your business credibility. We create email signatures that include all the important information presented in a well-designed, easy to digest format.


We design meaningful, memorable email signatures that connect with your target audience. From colours right down to the typography, we make carefully considered design decisions.


We make sure that everything we do for you echoes your brand’s identity. We design beautiful and effective email signatures that tie in seamlessly with your brand’s aesthetic and objectives.

Clickable email signature design

Ready to transform your mail? Get on our tail

Here at White Rabbit, we’ll help you turn boring Monday emails into incredible opportunities to build a better brand impression with our email signature design solutions. We’ll work closely with you to craft something simple, efficient, and compelling, that makes more out of your mail.

If you’re ready to add a little extra bounce to your digital marketing efforts, our clever bunnies know how to make that happen. Get in touch to learn how our design agency can help you create an awesome design that’s short, sweet, and sure to stand out.

Now that’s a great way to make a final impression.

Custom email signatures in New Zealand

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