Bowerbirds, Fibonacci, and a drop of neumorphism

This massive project involved creating a brand story, logo, and a range of other branding materials for exciting and successful software company Efficient. We developed colourful and modern branding that tells a story and resonates with customers.

Enter the bowerbird to the logo design process

We spent a considerable amount of time researching and creating mood boards to develop a concept for the Efficient brand. That concept had to represent organisational efficiency while avoiding the pitfalls of cliches.

We also wanted the branding concept to be fun, so we started thinking about efficient animals. We landed on the bowerbird, as it is a perfect fit. During courtship, the male bowerbird goes through a ritual of meticulously organising a nest with leaves, flowers, feathers, and anything else it can find, all to attract a mate. Our design agency felt this was the ideal cheeky mascot for the Efficient brand.

File management brand inspired by the bowebird
Bowerbird traits for branding inspiration
Long shot of a bowerbird to be simplified for a brand icon

Efficient design process to create a logo for Efficient

From the first meeting we had with the Efficient team, we could sense the excitement and passion behind the brand, as well as the potential of this modern and innovative software application. The Efficient software app brings order to disorganised computer files, creating streamlined and structured systems that make documents easy to find, improve processes, and minimise errors. It’s basically the Marie Kondo of computer file organisation.

The company already has major brands using its software, and it is ambitious in its growth strategy. We were tasked to create a brand story, graphic logo design, and other branding elements that reflected the values and passion of the company, and to resonate with potential customers.

Red logo design on a yellow background for a file management company
White bowerbird logo design on a red background for a file management company
White logo design on a black background for a file management company

Breaking out the Fibonacci sequence for bird logo design

The specific bowerbird we selected for the Efficient brand was the Flame Bowerbird as it has a very distinguished appearance. We then used the Fibonacci sequence to create the logomark element of the new logo.

The harmony in the design created by using the Fibonacci sequence (or golden sequence) approach fitted perfectly with the Efficient brand and the organised message that it presents to customers. As part of the project, our skilled graphic designers created brand guidelines to ensure ongoing consistency. We applied these guidelines to create clever business cards with rounded corners and a spot UV finish. 

Fibonacci sequence for a red black and yellow bird logo
Brand book of illustrative guidelines containing logos and text
Business cards showing spot uv effect and rounded corners
geometric bowerbird logo mark design for a file management software company

Finalising the logo for this document management software company

The yellow, orange, and black colour palette we used for the logo mark and the crisp and clean font produce a logo that has an Avant-Garde vibe while retaining an organised appearance and portraying energy, vibrancy, and distinctive styling.

With the logo and core elements of the brand created, our designers moved on to the rest of the project, starting with the illustrations.

Bunnies drawing organised birds – another day at the office for the White Rabbit team

We designed the illustrations for Efficient to have a distinctive style that fits in with the branding and brand message, but that is also cheeky, fun, and engaging.

To achieve this, we used line art with simplified shapes on a monochromatic background that included shading to add depth. We used the brand colours to highlight key elements, and images of the bowerbirds to add personality and tell a story.

Line icons with red and yellow designed for a file organisation infographic
best website illustrations of birds writing letters to go into a mailbox
Illustration of birds to feature on a website
When designing the website, we took inspiration from neumorphism design, where elements have the appearance of being inset into the background.
Different screen devices displaying illustrations and nice website design for a file management software company
Laptop showing a website with bird illustrations on a home page layout for a file management company
Illustration and web pages displayed on iphones for a file management software business

Website design for file management software company

When it comes to website design in Auckland, we’re the experts you can trust. Our process allows us to evolve and enhance your brand’s identity, as we did with Efficient. The bowerbirds got centre stage billing, so became key features throughout the new site. The bowerbirds helped with the company’s messaging and added personality to the brand. The hero illustrations are particularly effective.

The clean, monochromatic look allows the brand colours to pop on the screen, while the subtle colour contrasts and shadows enhance the appearance. We created custom icons as part of the design while keeping the website modern and minimalist with white backgrounds and a sans serif typeface.

Angled ipad displaying a minimal layout of a blog article website page
Email signature design featuring a bird logo and call to action

Efficient branding for the Efficient brand

With the core elements of the brand designed, including the logo, website, and illustrations, our designers began creating a range of other marketing and branding materials. This included a professional email signature for the staff to use.

Maintaining brand consistency across all marketing materials and communications

Other elements that we created for Efficient included colourful and engaging social media graphics that feature organising tips and motivational messages. These graphics are highly visual, so stand out on all social media platforms.

iPhone displaying an inspiration quote on a social media platform with nice design and colours

A meticulously organised branding package that any bowerbird would be proud of

One of the other design tasks in this project was to create engaging infographics that Efficient could use to present its key messages to customers. As with all the elements we created, we ensured design consistency, while also making the infographics fun and compelling.

Infographic design for a file management software company

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