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Hero and spot illustrations are a creative way to visually capture your brand identity while adding a fun touch to your website. Our illustrators here at White Rabbit are ready to help you bring your illustration dreams to life!

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What is a spot illustration?

A spot illustration is the simplest and most literal expression of a concept; it’s an object that stands on its own, without a background scene. This type of illustration is used to highlight featured areas on pages and add personality throughout the site.

Sometimes an animal or creature can be a spot illustration if it’s a simple object, but they will be small and simple. Spot illustrations usually do not include any people but occasionally include some atmospheric background elements, depending on the design. Spot illustrations add visual support to marketing messages. You’ll find them alongside text on web pages, blogs, and emails to better explain what is being said in the text.


Spot illustration

What is a hero illustration?

A hero illustration is a big, eye-catching image usually seen in the above-the-fold zone of a webpage, right below the header. Hero illustrations catch the attention of the public, thanks to the immediacy of the images and the originality of the style.

Hero illustrations tell more complex stories than spot illustrations. They often contain a human, animal, mascot, or some other kind of character. They can also be a theme image featuring a landscape, a device, a building, or even an abstract model or composition. The main idea is that the image instantly grabs attention and allows for setting a quick visual, emotional, and informative connection with the user.

Hero illustration

Our hero and spot illustration process

  • The hero and spot design process starts with discovery. We ask questions to define who your brand is, your business goals, and your target audience. Our team will research every detail of your project before we begin because we want to capture the essence of your ideas and core message in our illustrations.

  • Our Illustrators are ready to unleash the power of their creativity. From pencil sketches to digital finished art, we get to work on creating a visual style that perfectly fits your brand and culture. Style, colour scheme and the look and feel are given careful consideration until you have a beautiful hero or spot illustration that fits your company’s image.

  • Once we’re happy with the artwork we’ll present it to you for feedback. We work closely with your team on any necessary revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final hero or spot illustration.

  • Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll deliver all the final high resolution digital assets that you’ll need for your project. Now your vision has been brought to life, you’ll be ready to captivate your customers with the final illustrations.

Hero and spot illustrations can be used highlight featured areas on pages and add personality throughout the site. It’s the small details like using hero and spot illustrations that will set you apart from competitors and bring your brand alive!
Custom hero illustrations

Use custom illustrations to stand out from the herd

Hero and spot illustrations are an awesome way to enhance usability, the emotional and visual appeal of an interface such as a website design or mobile app. At White Rabbit, our talented team of illustrators are ready to hop to it and bring your ideas to life. No matter where you are based in New Zealand, be it Auckland, Wellington or anywhere else, our design agency can help.

Hero illustration design in NZ
3d isometric hero illustration in NZ

With our hero and spot illustration service you get the complete package


Your hero and spot illustrations will be truly unique to your business.  They are sure to make your branding touch points stand out as something special that extra care has been taken with.


Branded hero and spot illustrations help to create a fresh, memorable style. We have the skills to bring your company’s graphics to life and create something that differentiates you from others.


We design engaging hero and spot illustrations that add personality to your communication. It can provide visual appeal, charisma, humour, and a more human touch to marketing material.


Our seasoned designers tailor hero and spot illustrations to suit your needs. We have years of experience, so no matter what your business or industry, we’ll design the perfect illustrations for you.


When it comes to grabbing the attention of potential customers, you can rely on us. We create eye-catching, bold and striking illustrations that get prospects to take notice of your business.


Communication is key. The right hero or spot illustration can help your company to simplify and fine tune your messaging. We communicate your message in a simple and engaging way.

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