Our burrow in Auckland

Our full-service creative powerhouse is located in Auckland, NZ.  We’re your one-stop bunny shop for crafting websites that win customers, branding that surpasses your competitors, and print pieces that propel your marketing success to the next level.

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A look into our design studio in Newmarket, Auckland
We breathe life into brands, craft captivating websites, and thrive on making our clients smile. That's the kind of graphic design agency we are.
Graphic design team at work in our Newmarket studio
Website design agency in Newmarket, Auckland

Welcome to the world of web

Your modern business needs a website if it wants to get noticed.

(After all, you’re reading this on ours!)

If you’re looking to make an incredible impact online and get your brand admired from Albany to Avondale, we can help. At our design agency in NZ, our brilliant bunnies specialise in creating visually stunning, user-friendly, easy-to-use websites designed to keep your visitors clicking.

We’ll crack open our digital toolbox to construct the seamless visual architecture that takes them from the homepage to the checkout and back again.

But if the idea of running your site is making you paws for thought, don’t worry.

We build your website on WordPress. This industry-leading, intuitive Content Management System makes it easy for you to keep updating your website once we hand it over to you.

We know all about outrunning the competition. It’s what rabbits do.

White Rabbit studio in NZ

Our design studios in Auckland do digital with a difference

Front-end or back, we make web design that excites, compels, and converts. Our bunnies know what’s what when it comes to crafting incredible sites that draw your audience in and keep them hanging around. There are no unwelcome visitors here.

(Well, apart from Dave, Who Drank Too Much Carrot Wine At The Holiday Party And Revealed Some Awkward Family Secrets, but we don’t talk about that.)

As a leading design agency in NZ, we know that your website is your virtual storefront. It’s your digital business card. It’s what speaks for you when the doors are closed, you’re on holiday, or your visitors live out of town.

We design with the end in mind

Your website must be ready for business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

That’s why we ensure that all our websites are highly responsive and mobile-friendly. They’ll look and work great, no matter the screen size. They’re easy to use and groomed to impress a super-wide screen or smartphone.

We think about the tech behind the site. It’s all part of our dedication to helping you get more out of your online efforts. That’s why our design agency in Auckland can incorporate the latest, greatest, best-practice SEO principles in your site’s design.

That way, it won’t just be your audience who spots you. You’ll be on Google’s radar, too.

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Good design isn't just about how something looks, but how it feels. We transform your ideas into clever and innovative solutions.
Design studios in Auckland

We’re big believers in functional design

If you’re looking for packaging design that’s sure to get your products picked off the shelves, you can turn to us.

Here at White Rabbit, we focus on real-world results.

So, whether you’re looking for an email signature that gets sign-ups for your newsletter, ‘The Bunny Hop’, powerful packages that have shoppers hopping to the shelves, or informative infographics that teach powerful lessons, our bunnies will get you what you’re looking for.

You won’t have to compromise between picture (or pixel) perfect visuals and efficient execution. At our burrow, you get the best of both worlds.

Design studio in NZ

We cut costs, not corners

As you see, there’s a lot that goes into great design.

So, it’s not surprising if you’ve come this far and are more worried about pricing than a rabbit that’s smelt a fox.

Worry no more. At our design agency in NZ, we’re big believers in helping small businesses succeed online. We don’t want your budget to have to stop you from getting a stand-out site that helps your sales soar.

After all, bunnies come in a range of sizes – so why shouldn’t our packages?

We offer a range of packages for our design solutions. Whether you’re looking for a massive Flemish Giant-sized build for your multinational or a smaller, Mini Lop package for a seamless, simple start-up, our bunnies will tailor our services to suit your needs.

Here at White Rabbit, it’s all about you.

Design agency in Newmarket

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