Logo animation

Combining logo design with animation creates a vibrant, fun, and visually striking slice of brand identity that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Logo animation in NZ
Motion design for logo in NZ

Keep things moving with logo animation

Logo animation is essentially taking a ‘static’ logo, breaking it into parts, and having those parts animated together – breathing new life into the idea of logo design and giving your digital brand toolkit more punch than ever before!

The level of animation can vary from simple moves to the complete short video presentation. The company and designers agree on which kind of animation to choose and how long it will be according to business goals and the personality they want to demonstrate. White Rabbit can animate logos in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, and across New Zealand.

Animated logos are attention-grabbing. When people see something move, their eyes are drawn to it. This kind of visual appeal is exactly what you need to grab and hold the attention of your customers.

Our logo animation process

  • Our logo animation process begins with discovery. We immerse ourselves in your brand to decide the best way forward with the animation. Based on your audience, industry and the look and feel of your logo, we’ll determine the creative direction for adding motion design to your logo.

  • With the direction established, we begin working on the logo animation design. We’ll explore the best music and sound effects to add if required. Shape, motion and sound are combined to create your eye-catching animation.

  • After we’ve presented your video, we enter the revisions phase. Rounds of revision are completed by working closely with your team for direction on any tweaks you may like to see. Once any amendments have been carried out, we’ll finalise your logo animation.

  • Once it’s been approved, we export the final rendered logo animation video in all the high-resolution formats you’ll need. You’ll be armed with files that are suitable for your website, YouTube, social media and presentations. Your logo animation is ready to showcase to NZ and the World!

Why animate your logo?

Since a logo is the first representative of a brand, it needs to make a good first impression on potential clients. An animated logo is a way to surprise people and increase the chance they remember your branding. Animated logos can be used across all digital platforms, including social media, company websites, and branded videos. We can even add music or sound effects to provide an extra layer of engagement!

From making your marketing videos more professional to invoking emotions in your audiences and being shareable on social media, there are many benefits of logo animation. We can create a perfectly looped logo animation that seamlessly plays over and over.

Animate company logo

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At our design agency, we take the time to understand the goals and objectives of your business. We can then use our strategic, creative, and digital brilliance to deliver powerful solutions that get results.

Effective animated logo design doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s created from a concerted effort to provoke specific emotions, thoughts, and desires within a specific target audience. At White Rabbit, we design world-class animated logos that effortlessly convey your message and visually promote your product or service. Our solutions are engaging and memorable, bringing you straight into the minds of your customers.

Through innovative ideas, strategic planning, and imaginative concepts, we ensure your logo animation is unique, relevant, and catches attention.

Logo animation in Auckland

With our logo animation service you get the complete package


A professional-looking animated logo means you’ll be prepared for any opportunities that come your way. Adding motion design will help you to stand out and show the value and professionalism of your business.


Using an animated logo is a great way to capture your customer’s attention through social media or other digital means. An animated logo will raise your business above your competition and get you noticed.


We design meaningful and captivating animated logos that connect with your target audience. From the choice of colours right down to typography, our experienced team make carefully considered design decisions.


Your logo should be as unique as your company, and we can help you achieve this with our logo animation service. At White Rabbit, we can create an awesome, custom animated logo to perfectly suit your business.


Customers are willing to pay more for something that is well designed. Our graphic designers deliver innovative solutions, including logo animation, that bring added value to your business and increase your sales.


At White Rabbit, we make sure that everything we do for your business echoes your brand’s identity. We design animated logos that tie in seamlessly with your brand’s aesthetic, objectives and target audience.

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