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Our NZ house rendering experts are here to create visualisations of challenging projects before they move on to the production phase. Get a realistic 3D model of your building project so you and your potential buyers know exactly what to expect from the final look of the product!

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What is a 3D house render?

To implement your dream project, you need to represent an object as accurately as possible. A 3D house render is a convenient way to see the final appearance of a building even before it is constructed. 3D renderings are computer-generated architectural designs that create accurate representations of buildings. House rendering in NZ is available in various techniques. Since they’re built using software, they offer exceptional image quality and high-definition results.

​3D rendered interior designs offer realistic virtual images of the interior and exterior of any property. They capture textures, lighting, furniture, window placements, and structures within the building. They’re the perfect visual aids for designing stunning masterpieces.

Interior render of a new house
House rendering in NZ

White Rabbit can help you make your dream burrow a reality

Whether your dream is to build your own house, or you are a property developer wanting to sell your latest subdivision, or you are a professional architect looking for quality 3D renderings for your architectural designs, our design agency can provide the service you are looking for.

Our 3D graphics experts can create beautiful images based on your sketches, CAD drawings, site plans, or simply on your own thoughts and ideas that you would like to see turned into your ideal home. We will bring your concept plans, illustrations, project elevations, and plain 3D models to life.


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Our 3D house rendering process

  • The process starts with discovery. We ask questions and take a lot of notes. Next, we’ll review the house plans and identify the building materials, along with any other key elements. Then work begins on bringing your project to life.

  • Our 3D render experts are now ready to begin transforming information from 2D plans into a computer-generated 3D image. We apply realistic colours, flawless textures and authentic lighting effects to express your build in photo-realistic detail.

  • Once the rendering is complete, we’ll present it to you for feedback. We work closely with your team on any necessary revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final artwork.

  • Once you’ve approved the design, we’ll deliver all the final high-resolution digital assets you’ll need for your project. Now you’re ready to showcase your project with photo-realistic high-quality 3D visualisations.

We understand that each client and project is unique. We don’t have a one size fits all approach because no two clients are the same.
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With our 3D house rendering service you get the complete package


Getting investors and buyers on board can be challenging because many struggle to visualise buildings from plans. Our 3D house renderings will help you to drive sales before building properties.


We pride ourselves on providing high-quality 3D house renders. We work with our clients to deliver premium renders that are sure to look as stunning as the high-end homes they are selling.


You can count on us to produce true-to-life 3D house renders. Our realistic lighting, shadows, colours, textures, and motion blurs will surely showcase your property in a convincing and vivid way.


Renders are powerful tools that bring all of your design’s unique elements to life. At White Rabbit, we create beautiful custom 3D renderings so you can easily visualise your completed home build.


3D house renders go a long way in enhancing your marketing. Blueprints and site plans, while necessary, can be boring to view. People are often more enticed by visually stimulating collateral.


We pride ourselves on having clear communication with our clients. We’re a friendly bunch, and if you have any questions during the rendering process, we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.

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