Infographic poster illustrations with quotes from Fuller House

From the outset the aim was to create a vibrant infographic poster design, complete with custom illustrations. White Rabbit approached this exciting project with real enthusiasm as we conducted our in-depth research (binge-watched all seasons of the Netflix original).

An infographic poster design to make your wall a little fuller

Fuller House is a Netflix original TV series. The show is a reboot from the original tv series, Full House which aired from 1987-1995. The original show coined many catchphrases that die-hard fans will no doubt still remember and perhaps are even use as part of their current vernacular.

The modern-day spinoff not only brings back many of the original characters, but also their catchphrases that are remembered so fondly by fans. Audiences have also been treated to many new quotes and catchphrases with the revival. The infographic poster we designed features a great mix of both.

Professional poster design
We used crisp, simple and vibrant illustrations to create a one-of-a-kind infographic poster design that Fuller House fans will love to hang on their wall.
Cut it out Fuller House
It's always open Fuller House illustration
Golden gate bridge flat design illustration
Holy chalupas fuller house catchphrase
Kids poster design hanging in red bedroom

Creative, professional poster design that makes a difference

We were delighted to design the Fuller House poster. We started by creating a colour palette that suited the yellow from the very familiar Fuller house logo. Once this was established we worked through various illustration styles before settling on the one you see in the final infographic poster design.

Typography choices were made and we began to bring the illustrations to life. This custom illustrated, colourful and creative solution relays our commitment to professional poster design.

We expressed the Fuller House TV show through the development of memorable and iconic artwork that boldly captures the essence of the much loved American sitcom.

Illustrated poster design

Flying to LA to watch a live taping for “research”. Cut it out.

For a professional poster design like this, in-depth research is of course needed. Re-watching the episodes on Netflix got us so far. However, being the utmost professionals that we are, heading to LA and being part of the live studio audience for a taping of an episode of course seemed like the logical next step. It’s a hard job, but someones’ got to do it!

Being on set, meeting the cast and of course hearing “Oh Mylanta” uttered in real life gave us a Fuller understanding of the hit TV show.

Meeting the Fuller House cast
Fuller House quotes and catchphrases poster
Fuller House illustrated poster design

Selling the poster online

We developed a small microsite to sell the Fuller House poster online. The ecommerce site speaks to fans in a language that makes their journey a little more fun. White Rabbit went on to create a social media campaign, specifically targeted at Fuller House fans to drive poster sales.

Our infographic poster was also added to sites like Amazon and eBay where the purchase of posters and TV show merchandise is very popular.

Website to purchase Fuller House poster

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