Pattern design

Pattern design that aligns with the rest of your visual brand design adds an extra recognisable feature to your business.

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Pattern design in NZ

Why use surface pattern illustration?

Surface pattern illustration can add that extra touch to all your branded materials such as packaging, business cards, brochures, etc., as well as digital products – websites, and social media templates! Our bunnies can do it all. Our style is unique and adaptable, and our graphic illustrators’ heads are bursting full of ideas, just waiting to get out. We create custom-designed concepts that bring your brand to life. No-bunny compares when it comes to pattern design!

Using unique patterns can be a fantastic way to generate awareness and help your brand stand out.

We can work with you to design a pattern that matches your business and builds on a cohesive style and message. Whether you want to convey an abstract and conceptual idea or create a range of new products, we can deliver a creative, visually engaging design with real impact.

With attention spans decreasing, the demand for eye-catching, and engaging products and content has grown. By harnessing the power of our pattern designers, you can add personality and imagination to your communication, creating a real connection with customers that will truly thrive.


Surface pattern design in Wellington
Pattern design will enhance your brand’s personality, and your audience will notice. What brand doesn’t want to stand out from their competition?

Our pattern design process

  • The process starts with discovery. We ask questions and take a lot of notes. Defining who your brand is, your business goals, and your target audience is key. Our team will research every detail of your project before we begin because we want to capture the essence of your ideas and core message in our pattern design.

  • From pencil sketches to digital finished art, we get to work on creating a visual style that perfectly fits your brand and culture. Style, colour scheme and the look and feel are given careful consideration until you have a beautiful, polished pattern that fits your company’s image.

  • Once we’re happy with the pattern we’ll present it to you for feedback. We work closely with your team on any necessary revisions to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final artwork.

  • Once you’ve given us the green light, we’ll deliver all the final high resolution digital assets that you’ll need for your project. Now your vision has been brought to life, you’ll be ready to captivate your customers with the final result.

Pattern design in Wellington
Fun, creative and modern pattern design

We HARE you’re looking for pattern design

At White Rabbit, we are all about capturing your brand identity. Together, we’ll design your custom pattern specifically for your product range – print, packaging, and digital. There are endless possibilities, so let’s hop to it! Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, or anywhere else in NZ, we can design the perfect pattern for you.

Our enthusiastic, friendly, and collaborative designers are here to take your pattern needs from concept to completion. Once the design work is complete, we’ll get to work on the physical production of whatever you want your pattern printed on.

Pattern design in Auckland
Custom pattern design for packaging in New Zealand

With our pattern design service you get the complete package


Developing patterns makes your branding more unique. With our pattern designs, your business will have an enhanced visual appeal that helps you to stand out from your competition.


Using custom patterns is a fun, interesting, visual way of engaging your customers. Patterns will enhance your brand’s personality and your target audience are sure to take notice.


Customers are willing to pay more for something that is well designed. Our graphic designers deliver innovative pattern designs, that bring added value to your business and increase your sales.


We create custom patterns that bring your brand to life. Our pattern design specialists will give your branding a unique edge than can be used on everything from packaging to websites.


Professional looking graphic design will give your business credibility. That doesn’t stop at logos, colour schemes and typefaces. Patterns can be the final touch needed to enhance your brand.


Once presented with your pattern design concepts, we provide you with the opportunity to make revisions, if necessary. This feedback process allows you to make any tweaks required.

Let’s make something great together

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