Preventing bank scams with square brochure design and illustration

NZBA came to White Rabbit with a need to develop a brochure to educate the elderly on bank scams. We created custom illustrations and icons to communicate the messages in a non-threatening visually compelling way. These were laid out in a square brochure design that would be available in banks across NZ.

Behind the brochure

NZBA gave us a clean slate to help them convey their message. We put this creative freedom to use in the form of some beautifully designed custom illustrations and an eye-catching square brochure design.

The friendly illustrations helped to make the subject matter less daunting and more approachable for the elderly. It also proved to be a great device to simplify the key points of the brochure.

The result was an educational experience across all banks in New Zealand. This little square brochure design was the start of an elevated design direction for the NZBA and we have since continued to work with them on many other projects.

Illustration company in NZ

Informing with illustration

NZBA deals with sensitive financial issues, so while they wouldn’t want to be flippant in their approach, they equally didn’t want to incite fear or appear too impersonal either. This is why our Auckland design agency developed a clean, friendly brand style that was complemented by simple illustrations, icon design and fonts.

Flat icon design at White Rabbit
Piggy bank illustration
With custom illustration and an engaging layout, this square brochure design builds a stronger sense of awareness for the elderly in a simple and easy to understand format.
Graphic design colour palette

The chosen colour palette

We created a minimal and clean look by sticking to shades of the brand colours. This meant it would align with any previously created brand collateral. It also creates a more unified and less overwhelming look.

Square brochure design NZ

Saving NZ from scams, one square brochure design at a time

By bringing together bespoke illustration, icons and a striking colour palette, we created an immersive little square brochure design. We wanted to communicate a friendly, softer look and feel. With this in mind we used rounded corners, pastel colours and inviting fonts to set the tone.

We further enhanced this by printing the brochures on a smooth satin paper stock.

We think the square brochure design was the ideal tool to bring this information to life. The square shape allowed for a wider canvas and a more spacious design. Our visually engaging illustrations are set up to drive a deeper engagement and educate an at risk part of our community on the dangers of online scams.

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