Engaging home owners with a slick real estate brochure design

We incorporated a sophisticated black and white style to stand out in the sea of bright and busy real estate brochures that have recently dominated the market. With an elegant new look, Austar Realty is sure to sell.

The role of the humble brochure

Having achieved outstanding results throughout West Auckland, Austar Realty came to our design agency for a series of brochures that could promote their vision and instill confidence in their clientele, while reflecting the value and quality of their brand experience.

Through their real estate brochure design, they aim to build a culture of openness, communicate their philosophy and convey they are the right people to trust with selling your home.

With its beautiful layouts, smooth reading and vivid imagery, the new Austar Realty brochures bring a certain level of quality and prestige to the market.


Real estate brochure design
Real estate brochures NZ
Our impactful brochure design assisted in the real estate sales process and encouraged home buyers to envision working with Austar Realty.
Brochure design for Auckland real estate company

Designing and printing a real estate brochure that sells

White Rabbit created a strong, luxurious looking brochure design to take Austar Realty to the next level. We were tasked with designing marketing materials that would reflect the sophisticated and upmarket tone and character of the brand.

To do so, we used powerful photography, clear modern typefaces, contemporary icons and a sophisticated, contrasting colour palette. We presented Austar Realty in the best possible way. Their real estate brochure design succeeds in showcasing their high standard of work and enhances their brand.

The beautifully printed, tactile brochure has a smooth matt laminate finish on the cover, which further provides a polished look and feel to the marketing materials. Their brochures have become an invaluable sales tool for the company.

Real estate flyer design

Marketing materials for further engagement

Once we had created a series of powerful brochure designs, they engaged us to work on their other real estate communications. This included a whole suite of luxury marketing collateral. Branded items such as coffee cups and thank you cards complemented the journey for buyers and sellers.

Black gift card design
Design of folding thank you card

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