Keeping our client in focus with a stunning photography website

The website we designed for ER Imaging Photography showcases the company's portfolio on any device in the best possible way. It is also easy to find information, and that info is presented in a compelling way to keep the business at the forefront of its customers' minds.

Simple photography website design to achieve maximum impact

Our client for this web design project was ER Imaging Photography, a photography business that specialises in animals, landscapes, and events. That is a broad range of areas, giving our designers a fantastic springboard into the design of the company’s new website. With this variety of expertise, we were able to create a website with maximum visual impact.

We went for a simple layout that offered as much on-screen real estate as possible to the images. Many of those images featured rich colours with a captivating perspective, so it was important the design complemented this photography style without getting in the way.


Company website for a photographer
The minimalist approach we took with this photography business website lets the images be the main focal point, drawing the viewer in.
Photography website design

Small screens, amazing results

Even on on small screens, the images make a big impact. On phones, for example, the images run to the very top of the screen on the gallery pages, with minimal spacing between the images. This makes the display unique while also creating an immersive experience for visitors. It makes you want to scroll to see what’s next.

On other pages, our designers allowed generous areas of white space around the images in keeping with the minimalist design. This heightened the images even more, with the masonry layout enhancing them further.

Photographer portfolio website design
Photography website design

Expert photographer and portfolio business website design services

Even with the best images, photography websites need text. For ER Imaging Photography, we used an easy to read and elegant typeface. We also used a two-column layout to make text-heavy pages more appealing to the eye. This, in turn, encourages visitors to read.

Our completed website design showcased the amazing photography of ER Imaging Photography in a way that gets attention and lets the vibrancy, quality, and creativity of the images shine through. The design also facilitates the user experience, helping visitors find the information they are looking for.

Our skilled web design team has excellent experience creating websites and other marketing materials for freelance photographers and photography companies. Get in touch to learn more.

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