Flocking great t-shirt design for this agri-tech business

FarmIQ asked us to create something that would make their business stand out at an exhibition they were planning to attend. So, we designed t-shirts and tote bags using a custom illustration. They weren't just a flocking t-shirt, though. They got attention.

Custom t-shirt design that stands out in the herd

Attending industry exhibitions can be a great way to increase brand awareness and find potential new customers. However, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out among the hundreds of other exhibitors also vying for attention, some of which might even be direct competitors of yours. This is the problem that FarmIQ brought to our design team at White Rabbit. They wanted us to make them stand out at an exhibition.

FarmIQ is an agri-tech business that provides farm management software to make farm businesses more efficient and productive. This was our starting as we began to work on designs for the message.


Funny sheep illustration on blue background

We give a sheep about sheep illustrations – actually, we give a sheep about all illustrations

The product we were developing for FarmIQ was a t-shirt to be worn by staff at the exhibition stand. The design would also be used on tote bags and other marketing materials. The brief from the FarmIQ team was to use illustrations in the design that would make exhibition attendees stop and take notice.

In other words, the t-shirts would essentially be a mobile call to action. Therefore, something bland or overly sales-focused wasn’t going to cut it. Our designers instead took a people-centred approach to the creation of the illustration and message. They incorporated humour too.

One of the benefits of the FarmIQ service is that it tidies up administration and the handling of paperwork. So, we crafted sheep characters haphazardly trying to find a document in an unorganised filing cabinet.

Company t-shirt illustration
The use of the illustration enabled us to instantly set the scene, allowing for the marketing message on the t-shirt to connect with potential customers.
Custom branded tote bags in NZ

Custom business t-shirt design that dares to be bold

With the illustration setting the scene, we then added some near-the-edge humour to connect with customers and get their attention. The text we added was “Records in a flocking mess?”. The phrase clearly differentiated the FarmIQ brand from other similar companies at the exhibition.

However, it also did a lot more than getting laughs and encouraging people to stop and have a conversation. While both those things are important, the combination of the image and the marketing message demonstrated that FarmIQ has an understanding of a real problem that NZ farmers face every day. It is this latter point that added weight to the call to action.

With the illustration created and the t-shirts designed, we applied the design to tote bags. If you are looking for a similar solution that will make your business stand out, get in touch with us at White Rabbit today.

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