Hurling loads of creativity into this building company logo

Hurley Building and Developments wanted a new logo that was attention-grabbing and that would appeal to both residential and commercial customers. The creative logo that we designed draws people in with its visual effects and luxurious styling, and it fully represents the brand.

Laying the foundation and nailing the visuals of this building company logo

Hurley Building and Developments is a family-owned business that specialises in commercial building projects and high-end architectural builds. It wanted a new logo design that was memorable, luxurious, and reflected both of these specialisms. Our team focused on achieving these goals by creating a negative space design that would be a central component of the logo.

Our design agency created the negative space using the letter H from the Hurley Building and Developments name. We did this by making the H visible in the negative space between the shapes of the buildings. Those buildings represent both commercial and residential construction expertise.

Negative space h construction business logo
Clever h building company logo
The H created by the negative space between the buildings grabs the attention, drawing customers in and ensuring they take notice of the brand.
House building company logo on sign on timber framing

Finding a H in the builders’ cracks

Our designers further highlighted the H in the negative space between the buildings through the chosen colour palette. This colours also added to the sense of luxury and high-end design, two features that are also important to the brand. This helps build confidence in customers that Hurley Building and Developments has the expertise to deliver demanding construction projects.

The typeface also has a modern and luxurious appearance, with unique line shapes on the lettering to grab attention even further. The contrast in colours between the H and the company name is also highly effective.

Building company logo design

House and commercial building company logo and signage design

Hurley Building and Developments also asked us to create signage based on the new logo and branding that we had developed. As the logo itself is so creative with subtle but effective elements to get attention, the signs themselves could have a simple design focused on the luxurious colour palette and new graphic logo design. On all the designs, the negative space helps put a spotlight on the core message.

Branded plan design for construction business

High-end builder business cards from your favourite design Rabbits

In addition to designing signage, business cards and other marketing collateral, we also created coasters that are perfect for that cold beer after a long day on the construction site. With all the elements that we developed, branding consistency was maintained. To discuss your requirements for a H logo design or any other logo design feature, get in touch with NZ’s logo design experts at White Rabbit.

Building company business card
Black promotional coasters for NZ company

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