Brewing up a coffee company logo and packaging design

Eighth Continent Coffee asked us to create a new logo as well as packaging for its sustainable fresh coffee products. Our designers created an intelligent and ambitious design to match the ambition of the company, with connections to the brand philosophy and company name incorporated into the design elements.

Bouncing on coffee to create NZ coffee branding

Eighth Continent Coffee is an emerging brand in NZ’s coffee market, offering a range of sustainable products with unique flavours to customers around the world. It is a company that is passionate about the products in its range and the sustainable, uniquely Kiwi philosophy of the brand. This part of the world is, after all, the eighth continent!

The design rabbits at our Auckland design agency was asked to create a new logo for the brand that would be unique and recognisable to properly position Eighth Continent Coffee in the coffee market. Our approach was to embody a new era of liquid gold into the designs that we created.

Designing a clever number 8 logo

We started with the logo design, focusing on the letter C that features so strongly in the company’s name. The logo mark we created intelligently using C shapes to form the number 8, representing the full name of the brand: Eighth Continent Coffee.

We used a serif font for the text to add a touch of elegance to the design. In the horizontal version of the logo, we used a smaller sans serif typeface for the word coffee to draw attention to the main elements. We also used earthy colours to represent the sustainable nature of the brand.

Intriguing coffee bag packaging design

The packaging we designed would be displayed in retailers, so it had to stand out and tell a story amongst other competing packaging design in NZ. We used an eco stock for the bag with a wraparound sleeve in forest green to display the coffee’s tasting notes.

The design on the bag itself features a map-inspired pattern to create a topographic outline of the world’s eighth continent, Zealandia, the physical and spiritual home of the Eighth Continent Coffee brand.

Green and brown packaging design for coffee bags
Illustration of New Zealand in a topographic style

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