Getting the focus right with this environmental logo design

Envirolens uses technology to capture environmental data, so it was important these two aspects of their brand identity were apparent in the design of their new logo. The logo our team created is eye-catching and it helps customers understand who the company is and the importance of its work.

Natural light, aerial camera, environmental action!

Envirolens specialises in capturing environmental data through aerial imagery. This data is then used to help decision making in areas like agriculture, horticulture, forestry, conservation, utilities, biosecurity, and urban green spaces. We were asked by the team at Envirolens to create a new logo design that would become a core component of their branding.

EnviroLens were hunting for graphic design companies to create branding that reflects the services that they offer, the technologies that make those services possible, and the reasons why those services are important. That is a lot of elements to include in a single design, but the logo we created delivers.


Leaf and lens logo design in green and navy blue
Nature inspired logo design in green and navy
The logo mark we designed is a central part of the logo because of its portrayal of aerial imagery technology and the environment.
Clean, modern white company stationery design

Perfecting the framing, colour balance, and zoom of this new leaf and lens logo

The logo mark uses a leaf design in a circular pattern to represent the lens of a camera. The leaves are also angled to create a sense of movement, like operating a camera’s zoom function. The overall effect captures the core elements of the brand’s purpose and the practical way it delivers for clients. It also highlights the importance of the environment to the company.

Our Auckland logo designers also carefully designed the wordmark to help customers get a better understanding of what the company’s name means. They did this by using different weights for the two parts of the name – Enviro and Lens. The colour used in the name and other written elements provides an excellent contrast to the natural green used in the logo mark.

Logo for environmental company

Making a connection with customers and audiences with nature logo design

The typeface our designers selected for the logo is contemporary, highlighting the modern approach the company takes to delivering its services. Elements of the typeface also resemble leaves in places. An example is the dot over the “i” as well as the upward flicks in the horizontal lines of the capital E.

This effect is subtle, but it helps tie the two main elements of the logo together – the wordmark and the logo mark. It also helps deepen the connection the logo makes with people encountering the brand, including customers, decision makers, and other stakeholders.

Whether you are looking for an aerial photography logo, a logo for an environmental company, or a creative logo with a hidden meaning like we have created for EnviroLens, we can help at White Rabbit. We create striking logo design NZ wide. Get in touch as we’d love to learn more about your requirements.

Logo on a mobile website for environmental company

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