Changing lives with tools of transformation

Series of illustrations in colourful circles representing a diverse range of cultures

Empowering teens with an illustrated youth support website

The Teen Tools team is dedicated to empowering young individuals to become agents of change within their communities and transform their lives through valuable resources. The idea for an illustrated youth support website was born to fulfil this vision. Teen Tools wanted to digitise their resources into a website that would appeal to both teenagers and parents, who were their target audience. One of the challenges we faced was consolidating a large amount of content into a user-friendly website. To achieve this, we used a tile and toggle display approach, allowing users to easily navigate through the content and access the information they needed in a seamless manner. This solution helped to organise the content effectively and ensured that both teenagers and parents could easily find relevant information. To make the website visually appealing and engaging, we applied a colourful palette to various elements of the website.

To further elevate the youth organisation’s website design, our design agency created a series of diverse character illustrations that represented the varied audience that the Teen Tools team serves. These illustrations were used throughout the website, adding a touch of personality and relatability to the overall design. They helped to create a sense of inclusivity and connection for the target audience.

Floating phone screen showing character illustrations reflecting youth support
Phone screens facing eachother displaying illustrative elements of a web design for a youth support organisation
Home page hero section of a web design for an organisation specialising in youth services
Laptop showing a website design purposed for a youth organisation featuring illustration and sliders
Illustrations of characters printed on a tshirt with a diverse look
A line up of youthful character illustrations

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