We have a confection to make – we LOVED the candy (and this project)

This project involved creating a candy logo, candy illustrations, and candy packaging design. So much candy, so much creativity, and designs that are super fun and engaging, and that make a real statement about the brand.

Design, eat candy, sleep, repeat

We’d take candy over carrots and lettuce every day – there, we said it! We are rabbits and we love candy! This logo and packaging design project was pretty cool to work on too. It was to create a new visual identity for the product CuppaCandy which is, yep, cups of candy!

We felt the only approach was to go down the playful route, creating a logo design that would really stand out on all packaging and marketing materials. To do this we used the familiar and versatile Cooper Black font with its curved letters which we arranged to fully occupy the space and attract attention.

Confectionery cups with creative packaging for candy
Best packaging design for candy poured into a clear cup with monster illustrations and unique logo

Clever and unique candy and confectionary packaging design (with monsters)

With the logo created, our team started work to design the packaging – the candy cups. The first job was to design cute monsters that would appear on the candy cup packaging design, adding personality and fun to the brand, and making it as appealing as possible to the target audience.

The monster character designs that we created are all friendly and charming, and they all look hungry for candy. We created similar designs for the company’s sister brand, CuppaCookie.

Then came the really fun part – adding the monster designs to the cups that would become CuppaCandy’s packaging. Firstly, the images were printed over transparent cups. We also made the mouths of the monsters extra-wide – cartoonishly wide. This made the monsters look even more endearing, but it also made it possible to peer into the mouths of the monsters to see all the delicious sweets inside the cups.

unique logo designed for creative packaging

Designing modern flat monster and creature illustrations

The colour scheme we used in the design of the logo, illustrations, and packaging was a crucial part of the overall effect. We went for a pastel palette that (wait for it…) sugar-coated the design in perfect harmony with the candies inside the cups.

While not every design project involves candy, we always go all-in with creativity to ensure maximum impact for our customers. Please get in touch with our Auckland design studio today to discuss your requirements.

Clear cup packaging with logo and monsters cut out at the mouth to act as a window for cookies
Each part of the design in this project comes together to create a consistent message, from the fun logo to the pastel colours to the monsters on the cups with mouths full of sweets.
Cute pink monster character illustration with its mouth open
Yellow character in the form of an illustrated monster
Happy illustration of a green monster with its mouth open
Cute illustration of a purple monster with its mouth open on a pink background

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