Design now create later for buy now pay later app

Buy now pay later solution provider Billdr asked us to create several different branding and marketing materials. We designed a modern logo, as well as creating an app, website, email signature, and more.

Buy now pay later logo design – just what the doctor ordered

Billdr provides buy now pay later software solutions for the construction industry to enable flexible finance terms between small construction companies and their suppliers. It is an exciting and innovative company that is set to transform this essential part of the construction industry, so we were delighted when they asked us to create a logo and other marketing materials.

The company name is a spin on the phrase “bill doctor”. Our designers used this when creating the design for the new logo, using an indigo accent on the “dr” element with a lighter, more minimalist grey for the “bill” part of the name.

Logo design for payment finance solutions
Grey white and purple logo design for a construction app
White and purple logo placed on a grey background designed for a pay later app platform

Construction app and app icon design

We created a uniquely shaped “r” in the logo that has a rounded corner on the outside and a sharp corner on the inside. This contrast gives the appearance of a phone or computer screen, so it connects perfectly with the brand.

This led our talented graphic designers in Auckland onto the next part of the project – creating the design for the new app. We started with the app icon, sticking with the concept of contrasting corners and again using indigo blue.

Logo design shown on the front of a business card for a buy now pay later app
Logo mark designed for an app contained in a purple square with a white plus sign

Creating the best designs for buy now pay later apps

The app is a crucial tool for Billdr, so each component required careful consideration. Our design agency in Auckland started by assessing the target audience, the expected user experience, and apps that provide a similar service but in other industries.

Purple illustrations on separate screens showcasing introduction screens for a buy now pay later app
A collection of phone screens in angles displaying different screens for a buy now pay later app platform

The best app design services in Auckland

We designed an interface for the app that was sleek and modern. We also made sure it was simple to use. We used engaging hero and spot illustrations throughout, as well as effective icon design, a strong colour palette, and a user-friendly layout.

To enhance the navigational experience, we added subtle animations. We also optimised loading time to ensure the app worked quickly on all devices, even when using mobile data rather than a broadband connection, enhancing the user experience even further.

Close up view of a construction app icon with a purple gradient
Hero illustration showing people using a buy now pay later app

Buy now pay later landing page website design

The illustrations we created for the app were also used on the website, enhancing design consistency and keeping the focus on usability.

When it comes to WordPress website design in NZ, our focus is always on creating clean, engaging layouts that inspire strong calls to action. For this projectThe website is a landing page for the app, so it needed as clean a layout as possible with strong calls to action. It also needed to work well on all devices, especially mobiles given the objective of the website is to encourage people to download the app.

Buy now pay later landing page design containing large blocks of purple and mockups of apps

Email signature design for software company

Designing an email signature was the next task on the project. Our designers used the new logo as the focal point for the design, while also incorporating the app icon to deepen the level of consistency across different elements and platforms.

We also created brand guidelines that can be referred to in the future to ensure branding consistency is maintained on all marketing materials and promotional messages.

Email signature displayed on an ipad featuring details for a buy now pay later company
Tiles of instagram social graphics advertising a buy now pay later app with modern purple branding

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