Excellent design for entertaining content

TV displaying design for tv entertainment including animated characters for film

A thrilling journey to create film and TV poster design

Rialto Distribution is a prominent distributor specialising in theatrical film distribution, home entertainment, and other media activities. They approached our design agency to provide support in creating film collateral, including film and TV poster design, DVD slicks, and web banners. A critical aspect of the project was to retain the key artwork and correct formatting of the film and shows being promoted. Our designers worked closely with Rialto Distribution to ensure that the original content was accurately represented in the collateral, maintaining the integrity of the films’ visual elements while incorporating the necessary information for promotional materials.

With various formats such as posters, DVD slick design, and web banners, our team carefully placed and sized the text to ensure readability when produced. We applied typography and layout techniques that optimised legibility, making sure that the messaging was clear and easily understood by the target audience.

Additionally, our designers focused on creating visually appealing designs that captured the attention of the audience. They carefully balanced the visual elements on home entertainment design collateral, including imagery and branding, to create cohesive and engaging collateral that aligned with Rialto Distribution’s brand image.


Design of a bus stop poster advertising an action thriller film
Web banner design showcasing an action film
Advertisement design for a movie displayed at night
Design of an animated film for home entertainment on a mobile device
Dvd slick and disc with simple design on a green background
Web banner in a flat layout showing a modern film
Bright poster design advertising a film for home entertainment

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