An elegant logo for a new beauty clinic

Business card design with elegant layout for a skin therapist

Flawless branding for a beauty clinic business

The Skin Therapist is a premium skin clinic dedicated to prioritising client satisfaction through tailored treatments. They entrusted us with crafting their beauty clinic logo, business cards, email signatures, social media templates and website. It was key to produce an elegant and inviting visual identity to attract new clients.

The elegant wordmark logo design is a harmonious blend of friendly typography complemented by a serene sage palette to radiate a sense of sophistication and welcome. The rounded serifs imbue the brand with an approachable charm, while the tagline in a modern cursive script, adds a personal touch in a signature-like form. Versatile in its application, the logo adapts seamlessly with or without the tagline, offering flexibility across various materials.

This cohesive skin clinic branding extends across business cards, email signature, signage and social media templates, ensuring a unified brand experience. On the beauty clinic website design, we embraced a professional and clean design, allowing the green typography and rounded corner images to take center stage and produce an elegant look. The creation of a strong brand identity for the clinic has set them up for success in their competitive industry.


Black typographic logo design on a green background for a beautician business
Evolution and process of a logo design in wordmark and badge form
Floating graphics showcasing social media templates for a beauty clinic
Double sided appointment card with details for a skin clinic company
Mobile screen on a cushion displaying an email signature design for a beauty clinic
Canvas tote bag with shadows on top promoting a skin clinic
Large billboard signage featuring modern design for a skin clinic
Elegant design of home web pages for a beauty clinic
Flat website design of a skin clinic in mobile view
Beauty treatment page of a web design for a clinic
Row of flat professional designs showcasing a responsive website for a clinic business
Branding shown on a website design in an elegant way for a clinic specialising in skin therapy

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