A bite of success through marketing website design

Flat design of a digital marketing website on a dark black background

Our bunnies helped Krunch make a mark in the digital landscape

Krunch, a marketing services consultancy sought our expertise to create a sleek and innovative website design. As a company that takes pride in its exceptional digital marketing services, they were after a marketing website design that would stand out in its field.

To achieve this, our design agency carefully selected a colour scheme that incorporated dark tones, creating a visually striking and memorable design. We opted for a space theme throughout the design with dark mode style applied to the copy. This treatment provided a unique canvas for the content, allowing the text and images to stand out prominently. To further enhance the user experience, we incorporated a range of animations and a website scroll effect. These elements added a dynamic and interactive feel to the website, making it captivating for visitors against the space theme. The website also featured a clear and concise navigation menu that allowed visitors to easily explore the various services offered by Krunch. The content was organised in a visually appealing and easy-to-read manner, with bold headings and clear calls to action.

The WordPress website design was optimised for different devices and screen sizes, ensuring that it looked great and functioned well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, achieving the goals of Krunch.


Outline of a website displaying values page designed using a innovative look on a black background
Ipad showing contact page design for a digital marketing website
Laptop screen showing menu slide out in sleek web design for a marketing firm

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