Getting the Pacific details spot-on in this design project

F'ine Pasifika Aotearoa Trust asked us to create a range of new branding materials, including a new logo. The logo was the central element, with the finished design representing the Trust's priorities and reflecting the heritage of those with Pacific ethnicity.

Our bunnies were riding waves of creativity to design this new logo

F’INE Pasifika Aotearoa Trust advocates for all Pasifika people. It plays an important role in the communities it serves, and it believes everyone should be supported to reach their full potential. The Trust asked us to design a new logo that was trustworthy, representative, and reflective of a person’s journey, particularly those in the Pasifika MVPFAFF / LGBTQI+ community.

We achieved this objective by designing a logomark that was simple in appearance, but that also featured multiple elements and layers of meaning to ensure it would resonate with individuals and groups from the Pacific region and with Pacific heritage. Our designers specialise in creating meaningful logo design NZ organisations can thrive on.


Green orange and white design of a logo for a charity
Purple and white logo design illustration that includes pasifika elements
blue and white branding for a pasifika organisation

Non-profit branding and logo design that gets attention

The main element of the logomark is the canoe (vaka). The canoe is a representation of journey and discovery and was designed to resonate with the journey of a person seeking support.

The design also incorporates the five elements: the frigatebird for air, the sun for fire, wavey lines for water, the patterned bottom right quadrant for earth, and the white space between the earth/water and other elements for the sky/heavens.

Branding guidelines for a pasifika company including logo and text elements
Branding guidelines displayed in an open booklet for a non profit company

High-quality Pasifika branding by our experienced design bunnies

The colours used in the logo and brand image that we designed are central to the message. Specifically (rather, Pacifically), we selected colours inspired by nature. We then applied different colour combinations to create a vibrant appearance across the different brand elements.

We also created a branding guidelines document to ensure consistency is maintained when new materials are developed in the future.

Applying the logo and branding across a range of materials

If you’re looking for a graphic designer in NZ to create an eye-catching and highly representative logo, look no further. The branding we created also gave our designers plenty of scope when applying the new branding style to the Trust’s other materials.

For the letterhead and business cards, we kept the design simple and clean, applying the logomark in orange over green to create a fantastic contrast and bring out the culture of the brand. We applied this same contrast treatment to the vehicle signage with orange on black elements to stand out on the road. 

Simple letterhead design next to green and white business cards for a non profit company
Front artwork of a business card leaning against a stack for a non profit company
Hanging ID tags for company staff working for a pasifika company
Using orange on the staff ID tags was a deliberate decision by our designers to maximise the visibility of the tags in any setting or situation.
Presentation screens lined up featuring bright backgrounds and text
Tiled design of a powerpoint template showing different ways to insert title and images for a pacific company

Designing a presentation template using brand colours and typography

The design of the presentation template help present information in a concise way. We utilised the brand colours to create background treatments and the brand font to display titles clearly. The template was set up so future staff can use and present to an audience with confidence.

We ensured we covered the basics of a presentation template such as heading pages, space for imagery and quote treatments.

Cover design with photography of a trifold designed for a pacific demographic
Pasifika trifold brochure partly open showing the design of inside panels for a non profit company
Black vehicle with pasifika vehicle graphics applied including waves, birds and the logo
Email signature designed for the lgbtqi community with a nice logo and details

Creating a trifold brochure and email signature using the new logo design of this charity

Designing a trifold brochure was also part of the project. We used strong and unique photography to both engage the reader and build trust and familiarity with the brand. The strong logomark on the natural orange background also makes an impact and builds rapport with the reader.

The email signature design presents a highly professional appearance, with crisp and clean information, an image of the sender, and the new logomark of the brand.

Impactful and appealing non-profit web design

The final but equally important part of this large branding project was to develop a new website for F’INE. The website had to get across the Trust’s key messages and make a lasting impression.

We made strong use of the brand colours we selected earlier in the project to create the new website. These natural colours resonate with the audience and are welcoming and inviting. They also provide the perfect background for the information displayed on the website, which appears as clear and crisp primarily white text.

We also brought in the visual style of the logo, with its round shapes and ocean-related features. Expanding on these curvy, rounded shapes provides a vibrant, inviting, and engaging aestetic  This not only creates a unique appearance for the site, but also makes a deeper connection with the brand message.

Home page for a non profit company featuring photography and large typography
Website showing values of a non profit company and bright imagery
iPhone screens displaying the design of a website featuring bright colours for the lgbtqi community
Donation page layout design made for web for a non profit company

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