Creating a polished logo for a financial services company

Sixtus asked us to design a sophisticated logo for its brand, in addition to other marketing elements, including a new website. The logo we developed is unique, with a minimalist style that reflects confidence, high levels of services, and prestige. We then used this as the basis for the rest of the designs.

Coming out of our burrows for this property finance design project

Sixtus specialises in providing property and business finance to individuals and companies across New Zealand. The team asked our NZ design agency to create a new logo and then to expand on that design to create new business cards and a website. They wanted the new logo and designs to be sophisticated and to set them apart from other mortgage and finance brokers in NZ.

The starting point for our designers was the company name. Sixtus is Latin for polished, so the name fits in well with the qualities of the financial services that Sixtus provides. This gave our team an excellent springboard to brainstorm a creative design for the company’s logo.

Elegant black and white logo for finance company
The crisp black and white colour palette used in the creation of the logo and other design elements was simple, but it contributed considerably to the sophisticated look.
Elegant black and white branded stationery

Sophisticated black and white logo design to appeal to high-end clients

We focused on designing a clever logo mark. The design team used semi-circular shapes to create an abstract design. This had a dual meaning, representing the polished nature of the services it offers and the letter S. By looking deeper at the logo mark, you can also see that the various shapes can link up to form the number 6. These features help to engage the viewer and draw them into the design and, by extension, the brand.

We used a contemporary typeface for the text. The combined effect of the colour palette, logo mark, and typeface is a design that establishes Sixtus as a prestigious brand and a reliable financial services advisor.

Prestigious black and white logo on a building sign

Black and white business cards, email signatures, and websites

With the logo design complete, our designers moved to the business cards, maintaining the black and white colour scheme. The only bright white elements are the logo and contact name, lifting both these elements and ensuring they catch the eye.

Overall, the design we created was minimalist, with the logo being the central expression of the brand. The cardstock used to print the business cards was high-quality to add to the sophisticated experience.

We also developed a simple WordPress website design to establish the brand and provide contact information, and we designed an email signature. Again, brand consistency was crucial, resulting in an elegant black and white email signature. Black and white sign design was also part of the project, with the appearance of the logo on the signage making an impressive impact.

Elegant black and white email signature on an ipad
Modern financing and mortgage services website design
Floating screens displaying modern website design for a finance company

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