Raising the bark with the best dog logo design

Logo design of the best dog face using geometric shapes
Geometric outline of a dog face logo for the animal medical industry

A cutting edge dog logo for rapid diagnostic health testing

Whelply, a cutting-edge company specialising in rapid diagnostic health testing kits for dogs approached our design agency with a vision for the best dog logo design that exuded innovation, approachability, and calmness.

Drawing on a geometric design approach, we crafted a unique and memorable animal medical logo. The design cleverly incorporates basic shapes to depict a dog’s ears, forehead, and mouth, aligning with the company name “Whelply”. This abstract construction creates an eye-catching and dynamic visual that represents the brand’s focus on canine health testing. To complement the logomark, we selected a modern and professional typeface that enhances the overall look and feel of the logo. The colour palette we chose features neutral shades such as beige, green, and peach, which convey a sense of trustworthiness and professionalism. The versatility of the logo design allows for seamless application across various brand collateral, including packaging and company materials. We created one-sheet brand guidelines for the client to ensure consistent branding across future collateral.


Dog face logo using geometric shapes and modern font
Box design with a animal medical logo design
Drawstring bag with geometric dog branding
One sheet guideline design for a dog health company
Dog face logo displayed on a white shirt
Social media post creating a call to action for a dog testing kit company

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