Building a solid foundation with a website refresh

Modern home page for a property website displayed on a laptop screen

Rebuilding to showcase properties in a contemporary website layout

MTK Capital, a homegrown Kiwi business with a vision of building a brighter future, approached our design agency to give them a website refresh. They believe in delivering high-quality houses that Kiwis are proud to own. However, their old website did not reflect their values or showcase their work in a modern and compelling way. Our goal was to give them a fresh property website design that aligned with their high-quality craftsmanship.

We started by creating a contemporary website layout that highlighted MTK Capital’s properties and projects in an engaging manner. The use of ample white space allowed the content to breathe and created a clean and uncluttered design. The typography was carefully selected to be clear and easy to read, ensuring a seamless user experience on the custom property website redesign. To create engagement, we applied a video as the hero treatment. This helps to draw visitors in and create a strong first impression. To add an element of interactivity, we incorporated subtle animations throughout the website. These animations created a dynamic and visually appealing browsing experience for users. We added a photography-focused slider of property development projects that have been completed to draw attention to the high-quality work of MTK.  The overall design was aimed at creating a professional impression and instilling a sense of pride in MTK Capital’s work.



Website showing property services in an unprofessional design as the before state


Refresh of a modern property website created for MTK capital
Two phones displaying the project pages for a property website in a responsive manner
Minimal and contemporary layout applied to an about page
ipad screen showing the page of MTK Capital's new website featuring Max Key and John Key
Laptop showing a modern contact page layout design for a website showcasing property development

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