What's up dock? Creativity, and that's not all folks

This project for Manaaki Marine involved creating a new logo as well as a range of marketing and promotional materials, including business cards, pop-up stands, and a website. Our designers developed a premium brand image that fits perfectly with the company's identity.

Yacht did they want? A new logo for starters

Manaaki Marine provides maritime service solutions to a wide range of clients in the Aotearoa, New Zealand, and wider Pacific region. The team asked us to develop multiple branding and marketing materials, starting with a logo. The new logo would be the cornerstone of the company’s brand image, so our NZ design agency got to work developing a design that would fit in with this competitive, high-end, and sophisticated industry.

The new logo also needed to reflect the company’s position in the maritime industry and have a unique New Zealand flavour. We achieved this most specifically in the design of the logo mark.

Logo design for a marine company
Negative space wave design cut out form the letter m on a logo
Negative space logo design with the letter m and a wave shape

M wave marine logo design

We designed the logo mark using geometric shapes and a repeating koru to create the appearance of waves shaped into the letter M. While the waves are a clear nod to the marine industry, the shape also highlights the friendly, caring, and supportive values of the company, characteristics that are present in the meaning of the Manaaki name.

We used a luxurious and premium purple and teal colour palette with a clean typeface to complete the design. We then developed both standard horizontal and circular versions of the logo. At our logo design company in NZ, we take pride in delivering exceptional design solutions just like this one, that exceed your unique needs and expectations.

Purple flat on display for a company specialising in marine services
Merchandise featuring a badge logo with a negative space m
Shirt design featuring a wave logo in the negative space of the letter m for a marine brand

Marine business cards that’ll float your boat

We used the logo to develop designs for the other marketing materials, including t-shirts and coasters. We also designed new business cards, applying the purple and teal colours as background elements. The two-column design is modern and engaging, while being crisp and easy to read.

Stacks of purple and white business cards with a negative space marine logo and details
Floating business cards on top of a plank of wood with purple and green branding for a marine company
Business cards leaning against the wall of bright marine brand colours with a logo with the letter m

Sophisticated marine company website design

In terms of the technical design elements, we first designed an email signature to ensure emails from the company featured strong and consistent branding. We then developed the website, again using the purple and teal colours for the background.

We kept the layout simple, easy to read, and modern. We also added geometric shapes inspired by the logo to lift the appearance of title elements on the page, as well as subtle animation to create a more engaging user experience.

Email signature design for a marine company
Home page design for a marine company featuring purple and green geometric shapes
Image and text layout for a marine website
Responsive text page displayed with modern design on an iphone

Tradeshow banner design using the new marine branding

The final part of this interesting and exciting project for Manaaki Marine involved designing new pull-up banners for a boat tradeshow the company was attending.

All the elements created so far were deployed to produce an eye-catching design that is professional, easy to read, and gets attention. This includes the purple and teal colour palette, new logo, and geometric shapes. We also used friendly imagery to make the banners stand out even more.

Three pull up banners with vibrant colours designed for a marine tradeshow booth

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