RTD cocktail packaging design served chilled

Stack of RTD cans with brand and logo design in different flavours

Designing a logo in good spirits

Meet Plain Jane, a new RTD drink company in NZ specialising in canned cocktails. The visionary minds at Plain Jane sought our expertise to create a brand identity that not only reflected their rebellious and cool nature but also championed their female-led company. To achieve this, our Auckland design agency created a simple custom wordmark logo design and complemented it with a Jane character illustration as a mark of female empowerment.

We initiated the design process with a wordmark logo that cultivates a playful and friendly aesthetic with rounded letters. We chose a light and dark green palette to set the contrast foundation for secondary colours for each flavour, taking a bright and bold approach. Our design team aspired to create a top cocktail logo adaptable to various forms, including a badge style featuring the company initials and tagline encircled. Adding a unique touch, we introduced Plain Jane as the central character, with each cocktail flavour featuring its own variant – Pure Jane for Vodka Lemonade and Horny Jane for Vodka Reddy. The character design formula begins with Plain Jane’s original face with the addition of illustrative accessories and expressions.

For the RTD can design, the wordmark logo shines at the forefront of the can. Bold display typefaces help highlight flavour headings to ensure the content is readable. A top cocktail logo of course deserves a tip top cocktail can design too, so our team crafted custom icon design to highlight key benefits of the unique cocktail. The RTD box design seamlessly aligns with the aesthetic of the can, presenting a harmonious visual identity across both packaging design elements.

Our collaboration with this innovative drink company transcends conventional design boundaries, delivering a brand identity that not only captures the essence of their low-calorie cocktails but also establishes a memorable and relatable connection with the target audience.

Green wordmark logo design for an RTD brand
character illustration of a female face for a drink company
Colourful gif of a wordmark logo for an rtd brand
top green branding for a cocktail company
NZ illustrations of a female character representing a cocktail rtd brand
A lineup of flat character illustrations for an RTD company in NZ
Creative design on tshirt and tote bag merch promoting and RTD brand
Can sleeve wrapped around a can with a cocktail logo design on the front
Green hat with a drink wordmark logo design
Stack of blue and green cold drinks with modern label design
Cool can with waterdrops on a blue and red design
Blue label design for a vodka RTD brand with a red wordmark logo
Can design with a modern label layout featuring blue and red tones
Box packaging with logo design for an RTD brand
Blue rtd box with a flat illustration character with horns
Box packaging design to fit RTD cans in nz
Creative can design for a vodka flavoured RTD
Cans in the air for an RTD cocktail brand with ice on the ground
Floating icons surrounding a green drink can represetning flavour benefits
Flat view of a cocktail label behind a green can with nice shadows on the packaging
Packaging design with green tones for an RTD box featuring modern logo and illustration
Box packaging design for RTDs containing vodka
Packaging cans placed on an angle with blue and green colours and logo

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