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Custom billboard design in Auckland, NZ

Crafting a high-tech metaverse logo design, website and collateral

See Thru Digital is a cutting-edge company that is passionate about creating user-led exploration experiences by leveraging technology to bring properties, vessels, and assets into the Metasphere. They approached our design agency to create a visual identity and website that conveyed a high-tech and futuristic vibe.

Our designers carefully crafted a purple and orange tech logo that captured the essence of See Thru Digital’s services. The logomark featured abstract shapes that depicted water waves, with a circle in the center that could also be interpreted as an eye, representing the connection to “See Thru” in the company name. This metaverse logo design concept reflected the company’s focus on immersive experiences and technological innovation. To further enhance the logo’s impact, we chose a vibrant gradient palette of orange and purple as the primary colours. Branding guidelines were crafted with diverse secondary logos, ensuring consistency while adapting to various contexts.

The vibrant gradient palette extended to a billboard design and a tradeshow booth, creating a striking presence. Additionally, our design team crafted an NFC smart card as a promotional tool, reinforcing the brand and leaving a lasting impression.

When designing See Thru Digital’s website, we focused on delivering a user experience that aligned with their brand identity and showcased their services effectively. The tech-inspired website design features the signature gradient, immersing visitors in a futuristic atmosphere. Clean card design highlights virtual tour benefits, and interactive elements boost user engagement, offering firsthand experience of innovative technology.


Clever eye logo design for tech company
Orange gradient tech logo design
Branding guidelines for orange and purple tech logo
Modern gradient NFC business cards
Logo embroidered on black cap in NZ
Company logo on custom branded VR headset
Gradient design for tradeshow booth exhibition
Gradient tech website design using orange and purple
Modern gradient card style tech website design
Tech company website design

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