The blueprint for sophisticated real estate booklet design

Booklet on display open with building plans for a real estate company

Taking the design to a whole new level to promote office spaces

Colliers is a premiem real estate company specialising in showcasing buildings and properties for lease or purchase. They approached us to design a sophisticated real estate booklet, along with other marketing collateral, to promote four levels of office space in a building. Their request included a booklet, posters, pens, and presentation folders, all aimed at appealing to high-end market and corporate clients.

To achieve this, we opted for an elegant black theme throughout the sophisticated real estate booklet design, allowing the imagery of the office spaces to take center stage. Each level of office space was paired with a colour that reflected its unique interior design theme, providing a vivid and engaging presentation of the spaces. This design approach was consistently applied to the black real estate poster design, ensuring a cohesive and unified look across all materials.

The real estate presentation folder design featured a striking cover image of one of the office spaces set against a dark background, emphasising the building’s sophisticated appeal. For the promotional pens, we selected a sleek black design with the company’s logo in simple white, reinforcing the real estate brand. These carefully designed materials not only highlight the building’s features but also convey a sense of sophistication and exclusivity, perfectly targeting the discerning corporate clientele Colliers aims to attract.


Open real estate booklet showing property information in a sleek and modern design
Floating pens displaying a white logo for a real estate company
Booklet design showing a sophisticated cover layout in black for a real estate company
Framed posters on display with window shadows showing new property information for a real estate company
Curved poster showing a sophisticated poster design in black for a real estate business
Cover of a black presentation folder with professional design for a real estate business
Cover of a presentation folder slightly open to show an office space for a real estate company

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