NFC business cards

Using NFC business cards in your NZ business will take your network and lead nurturing processes to another level. When you choose NFC, you don’t need to select a quantity as you will receive just one. You then carry that around with you. When you want to share your contact details with someone, simply tap their phone. It’s the business card for the digital world!
  • NFC enabled
  • QR codes for older phones
  • Apple and Android compatible
  • Choose metal, wood, or plastic

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Get the Last Business Card You’ll Ever Need

NFC business cards do the same thing as all the other millions of business cards in circulation in NZ, but they do it better, more efficiently, more effectively, and in a more environmentally friendly way. Oh, and they are pretty cool too. They use NFC technology, which means your business card will have a chip that can be read by a smartphone with a single tap. It’s traditional networking and contact information exchange, but with a digital twist.

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The Eco-Friendly, Technology-Driven, and Convenient Contactless Business Card

Digital business cards are becoming more popular across the world, and it’s easy to see why. You simply tap the card on a contact’s phone to share your information, rather than handing out a physical business card. Once you tap, your info and contact details will be instantly displayed on your new contact’s phone.

If the person has an older phone, they can scan the QR code on your smartcard. Plus, you can share any information you want, including your phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile, website, and much more.

Tap and Go Contactless Business Cards

No app is necessary to use NFC business cards in NZ, as our products work with the native functionality on modern smartphones. That functionality uses proven, reliable technology.  Your data is also kept fully secure and when you need to change the information on your business cards, you don’t have to order a new batch. Instead, when any of your details change, you just update the information on your NFC business card, and you are good to go.

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Material Options

This is the only business card you will need as it brings this effective but traditional business tool into the modern digital era. As for the design, you can choose from a range of materials, including PVC, bamboo, & metal.

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Extensive Expertise

Our team at White Rabbit are highly experienced at designing and producing NFC business cards for customers across NZ. Plus, we offer free shipping, so order today.




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