Brewing up a new coffee cup design in our creative burrow

Altura Coffee asked us to design a new coffee cup to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary in New Zealand. The coffee cup design we created uses simple illustrations to represent important aspects of the company and the quality of its coffee.

It’s hot stuff – Altura Coffee’s coffee and our design

Altura Coffee was a trailblazer in the coffee roasting industry. Today, coffee roasters are everywhere, but when Altura Coffee first launched, it was one of only four in the country. Coffee is now increasingly popular, with Altura Coffee having a reputation of being exceptionally high quality. It is the only coffee roaster to have won the New Zealand Coffee Supreme Award three times!

It is also proud of its New Zealand roots and the fact it remains 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated. Therefore, its 30th-anniversary in NZ was a big deal, so it wanted a new coffee cup design to celebrate.

Takeaway coffee cups with custom icon designs

The perfect blend of icons to tell the Altura Coffee story

Our designers were delighted to be chosen to create the 30th anniversary celebratory coffee cup for Altura Coffee. We wanted the design to tell as much as possible about the Altura Coffee story and the uniqueness of the brand. It was important for them to work with a graphic designer NZ audiences would resonate with.

We did this by creating illustrations. Each illustration represents something different about Altura Coffee. For example, there is a mountain illustration to represent the high-altitude coffee beans the company uses, as well as illustrations to signify the multiple awards it has won.

Creative icon designs for a coffee takeout cup

Unique anniversary coffee cup design made to order

The coffee cup illustrations we created have a minimalist appearance with a colour scheme that matches the Altura Coffee brand. The colour palette is dominated by oranges and browns, so it fits in perfectly with the coffee theme too. We then put the illustrations into boxes and arranged the boxes in a grid on the side of the coffee cup. This keeps the minimalist appearance while also demonstrating how far the company has come over the past 30 years, and the strong standing it enjoys in the industry today. The existing logo was also included in the design.

Altura Coffee has a distinctive Kiwiana flavour, so our designers made sure that was reflected in the illustrations they created.

Creative coffee cup and packaging design services for your brand

The new coffee cups we designed for Altura Coffee are a celebration of 30 years, but they also make a connection with customers, ensuring they feel part of the event. This is just one example of the importance of well-designed packaging materials, whether it is coffee cups or anything else that you use in your business. Each time a customer uses an item of packaging from your company, there is an opportunity for you to present a message and strengthen the relationship. We can help with our creative coffee cup and packaging design services. Get in touch today to find out more.

Pattern design on a white takeaway coffee cup
custom design displayed on a black takeaway coffee cup

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