Eco-friendly nappy branding and eCommerce web design

Over 1 million disposable nappies end up in Kiwi landfills every day. We worked closely with the Kiwi parents behind Little and Brave to create a sustainable brand for their compostable nappies. From eco-friendly business cards and packaging to an ecommerce website, we provided a complete design solution.

An ecommerce website design that’s easy for tired parents to navigate

Little & Brave wanted to site to sell their eco nappies. As a leading eCommerce website design company in Auckland, we specialize in creating effective and user-friendly online stores. The goal behind their site was to sell their compostable nappies and other products, along with educating Kiwi families on a green alternative. We worked hand in hand with them to understand the content and functionality in a much deeper way. This allowed us to craft a digital expression of their business in a way that’s accessible for parents that are stressed, tired and have minimal time on their hands.

We created simple sets of illustrations and infographics to lead visitors through the site and provide a point of difference for them in the marketplace. With a subscription service in place, we made it even easier for parents to give the sustainable option a go.

Since launching their eCommerce website design in 2018, Little & Brave has gone from strength to strength, with 2019 seeing the brand also appear on supermarket shelves.


Our team of designers and developers worked collaboratively to deliver a mobile responsive, ecommerce website. The back end system allows Little & Brave to edit content and manage stock seamlessly. From the start we set out to craft a website that would not only showcase their brand, but also open the audience’s minds to making a change for the planet.

A forward-looking website

White Rabbit designed and developed the company website for it to be optimised to display across all modern devices. We wanted to build a best-in-class ecommerce website enabling consumers to seamlessly browse, discover, and shop.

It was important that we deliver a site that was future-proof and scalable. Using WooCommerce to power the point of sale, we made everything from content management and metadata to inventory simple, scalable and secure.

Web development for an ecommerce site with a nice layout and slide out menu
Ecommerce design of a website for an auckland baby product company
Screen showing a responsive website with clean design for a nappy product in Auckland, New Zealand
The brand is based on the idea of creating a positive change for the environment. We used a clean, green look to reflect this idea, along with eco-friendly paper stocks and inks.
NZ business website design and layout on a green background

Consistency is key

We worked with Little & Brave to shape their brand across their entire collateral. Establishing a consistent look and feel is a key way to boost marketing efforts, sales and customer loyalty.

Our designers crafted a visually clean, contemporary and eco-friendly look and feel across their various applications.

We’ve delivered a range of communications for Little & Brave including eco-friendly business cards, flyers, signage, and of course the ecommerce website itself. Our ability to push the boundaries but remain on brand has ensured that the Little & Brave team feels that they can count on us to deliver the creative input they need on each project.

Eco friendly business cards in NZ

Eco friendly business cards

With compostability and sustainability at its core, it was vital that any communications we created for Little & Brave aligned with this. Eco-friendly business cards were a must. We sourced paper stocks with the most superior environmental credentials and then printed these using soy/vegetable based inks.

Because just like their nappies, their business cards needed to be compostable too.

A tongue and cheek list of ways to re-use these eco-friendly business cards was also featured on the back.

Eco friendly flyer design for NZ company

A compostable flyer design

We created a flyer design, obviously compostable too, that introduces consumers to the Little & Brave brand. With gentle, flowing background shapes and hints of green illustrations and copy, the flyer design conveys their eco-friendly brand at a glance. The reverse of the flyer features a cute animal illustration that perfectly fits in a 5 x 7 frame if desired.

Flyer design printed on recycled paper for an eco brand

Fun and playful packaging design

We wanted to create a unique style for the packaging design of Little & Brave’s eco baby wipes. Something that would set itself apart from the competition, while keeping true to the brand’s tone of voice.

Little & Brave’s packaging design strikes a perfect balance between a free flowing organic vibe and playful freshness. Their slightly muted, engaging colour pallet combined with a custom illustrated pattern ensures excellent presence in-store and an abundance of memorable personality. 

Eco wipes packaging featuring cute patterns and logo design from Auckland
Packaging design of eco friendly nappies with a fun pattern

From the moment we met with the innovative duo behind Little & Brave, we were excited to bring their brand to life. There was a gap in the NZ market for a product of this kind and it seemed like the right time to launch such a business. 

The brand’s identity was focused heavily on communicating the key quality of their products – being compostable and environmentally friendly. Essentially the complete opposite of anything currently being sold on NZ supermarket shelves. They were up against big players like Huggies and Treasures, who have dominated the market for years.

Their ecommerce website design, business cards and packaging design all reflects this ideology with a clean, minimalistic and playful look and feel. The striking white backgrounds combined with custom patterns and illustrations and an appealing, fresh colour palette bring this brand to life and ensure that it stands out from its big competitors.

Simon and the team at White Rabbit have been a critical part of the successful launch of our new start-up. From website design, to tweaking our social media logo, no job has been too big or too small. They have worked very hard to understand our brand and our business and have worked with us to some very tight deadlines. They have been a fantastic partner on our journey and I would encourage you to have a chat to them about your next project!

– Tahlia Hutchison, Founder and CEO of Little & Brave

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