Let's talk about bowels... bowel screening logos

This project involved creating a new logo and other branding elements for an essential and extremely important service that not many people want to think or talk about. Our approach was to create a design that was modern, bright, and colourful.

Breaking the stigma with bowel logo design

The Bowel Screening Clinic provides high-quality care to its patients, as well as raising awareness of important health issues. The team had been looking for the right company to create an abstract logo design NZ wide. Lucky for us, they thought we’d be a good fit. They asked our design agency to create a new logo and branding elements. Our designers developed a concept that was friendly and warm to help break the stigma that can be associated with this topic. This new identity created by the logo is also memorable and gets attention.

We used abstract shapes to create the design, with curves that create a wraparound effect. These shapes form a circle body and are unique and eye-catching. We wanted a bright and colourful design, so we used a bright blue and green colour palette for these shapes, with a gradient effect to produce the 3D appearance. The blue and green colour also symbolise health and innovation.


Green and blue bowel logo design with bold navy type on top
Horizontal modern lockup of a logo featuring blue and green gradients

Designing a modern, abstract shape logo for this important healthcare provider

To finish off the logo, we used a bold typeface for the company name, placing it on top of the bright logomark to create an attractive contrast of colours and depth.

This logo design then provided us with the perfect platform for creating the other marketing and branding materials that were part of the project, particularly as the logomark can be used on its own to great effect. We also provided The Bowel Screening Clinic with branding guidelines.

Outline of an abstract bowel logo in blue
Lightbox signage featuring an abstract shape logo
Pile of coasters displaying an outline of an abstract shape for a clinic

Applying the new, modern gradient logo to the design of other materials

We applied the new design to a range of materials and assets, including in the creation of new social media templates. One of the more important parts of the projects, however, was the presentation folder.

The Bowel Screening Clinic uses this folder a lot, so we created an attractive and visually impactful design that featured a dissected version of the logo as the base. The bright and colourful approach we took from the start was also carried through in the design of this presentation folder.

Stack of presentation folders designed for a professional clinic
Social media tiles for a bowel clinic company to promote bowel health

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