Rising to the occasion with product packaging design for a local bakery

Moulin Rue Bakery is committed to producing high quality baked goods for the discerning customer. We partnered with them to bring the new brand to life with logo design, product packaging design and other branded items.

The branding they kneaded

Moulin Rue is a boutique bakery, specialising in beautiful hand-iced sweet treats. We teamed up with the owners to build a powerful brand identity that represents their new business. From there we spent considerable time planning and learning about their business and how they would like their brand to be portrayed.

We developed the logo design, product packaging design and all of the contributing brand assets to create a beautiful, consistent visual language across all touchpoints.

We began with the logo design and created a playful, flowing type mark reflecting the creativity behind their creations.

Bakery logo design
Product packaging design in NZ
Product packaging design

Playful and effective product packaging design

We knew this bakery needed fun and approachable product packaging designs that delivered an impact as big as the ambition of their sweet treats.

We used beautiful hand drawn patterns that helped the brand to take on a lighter, more playful and creative tone. This was to mirror their stunning hand-iced cakes and slices. This tone is echoed throughout with various patterns on the different packages.

We created multiple variations of box sizes, bags and coffee cups to allow for the variety of items sold. Each of which serves to create a personable and inviting aesthetic.

Capturing the essence of the brand was important. This meant we could deliver impactful product packaging design that's as beautiful as the cakes are delicious.
Cupcake packaging design
Beautiful packaging design

Product packaging design that performs

The Moulin Rue Bakery started with the vision to provide incredible hand made baked goods with only the best and freshest ingredients. Based on their vision, we created a mission and defined their brand values to represent a fun, creative, hand crafted look while we created the product packaging design concepts.

Of course, keeping the quality of the product and their passion for beautifully decorated cakes and slices at the forefront.

Just the icing on the cake

Once the product packaging design was born, we further enhanced the brand by carrying it on to other items. We provided Moulin Rue Bakery with a consistent visual identity and consistent brand voice, essential to creating company recognition and growth.

We’re pretty sure their delicious baked goods will do the rest.

Branded milk jug for a cafe

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