Creating a clever logo design for a clever bed

Producing a logo design for this Tauranga based business was not a decision we had to sleep on. We collaborated with the folks at Clever Bed to develop a playful yet considered identity that uses typography to create a memorable effect.

Logo design that transforms Tauranga businesses

Clever Bed came to us to ensure the look and feel of their new brand was represented with a fitting logo design. Tauranga might be where Clever Bed are based but they were wanting to sell the product nationwide. This meant the brand needed to stand strong against their nationwide competitors and be memorable for people looking for a foldaway bed throughout NZ.

We created a new logo design that played on the clever aspect of the brand and gave the company a modern, forward-thinking look and feel, taking them into the NZ market with confidence.


Clever logo design

Digging deeper into the logo design

We used the ‘C’ and ‘B’ letters from the typeface to create a bed icon. Simple and clever, like the bed itself. The logo design in the Tauranga showroom brought the brand to life, allowing Clever Bed to create a real stand out in the NZ marketplace.

A clean condensed, slightly futuristic typeface was used to portray the minimal amount of space the Clever Bed takes up and to show it’s a forward thinking space saving option. The green colour is associated with freshness, energy and restoration. Perfect for a comfy bed.

Logo design for Tauranga's Clever Bed
Logo design for a foldable bed
Logo design in Tauranga
branding a foldaway bed

Logo design with a vision

We met with the owner of Clever Bed when they were at the initial prototyping stage. We saw the product in action and developed a firm understanding of their vision, values and target audience.

Before the end of our initial conversation, ideas were already pouring out, and we all knew we had something great in mind for the logo design for Tauranga’s most exciting new company.

Our logo designers then got to work producing a concept that we feel reflects the product and gives a dynamic identity to the all new Clever Bed.

Logo for the clever bed
We developed a logo design rooted in the idea of utilising what we have in a clever way. The concept embodies the brand's core idea and connects with consumers.
Uniform design with a bed logo on the back

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