Creating a wedding industry website design that is worth celebrating

Wedding celebrant Jodi Muggeridge asked us to create a new five-page website to promote her services. Our team designed an elegant website that fits in perfectly with the wedding industry, and that also makes a connection with couples planning the most important day of their lives.

Wedding good website design with a strong industry reputation

Jodi Muggeridge has an excellent reputation in the wedding industry for the services she provides as a wedding celebrant. She asked us to design a new website that reflected her high standards of service in a way that was appealing to those planning a wedding. The new site also needed to help visitors get to know more about Jodi, including her approach, style, and tastes.

It was important that the new website also provided a good level of easy-to-digest information for visitors. Planning a wedding is a complex and sometimes challenging task. Jodi wanted her website to make the process of choosing a wedding celebrant as easy and stress-free as possible.


Beautiful wedding celebrant website design
Weddings are emotional occasions, so our designers used images and design elements to make that all-important emotional connection with customers.

Making a connection with wedding celebrant website design

Elegance, style, emotion, love – these are all things that are part of every wedding, so our designers made sure they were represented and apparent in the new website we created for Moments With Jodi. For example, we used a scripted typeface for the headings that was not only elegant but also made the website feel more personal.

We used animations to make the website more lively and engaging without losing any of its elegance. The animated logo makes it look like the celebrant is signing her signature, helping to make a personal connection with visitors. The colour scheme is also sophisticated and contemporary, and it is effective at highlighting the key messages of the brand.

Clean, celebrant website design with script style fonts
Script font signature design in a nice animation
5 page celebrant website design
Modern website design for celebrant in NZ

Embracing white space in website design for celebrants

There are three other design features that are worth pointing out as being essential to the successful completion of this project. The first is the generous use of white space that keeps the design clean and free from distractions. The second is the simple nature of the design made possible with the five-page structure, intuitive navigation, user-friendly icons, and areas of white space.

The final feature to mention is the way the design responds to different sizes of screens on various devices. All the design elements look fantastic in full width, staked on mobile phones, and everything in between.

If you are a marriage celebrant and you need a web design company to promote your services, we have the expertise to create a solution that will take your marketing to the next level. Please get in touch to find out more.

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