Illustrating a sustainable future with custom illustration

Samson are commercial property owners in Auckland and are all about encouraging sustainability. They engaged White Rabbit to create some custom illustrations for their company in order to guide business operators on eco-friendly practices.

Going green with custom illustrations

Samson have a vast property leasing portfolio including commercial office buildings, retail strips and industrial properties. They also have the coveted title of being a certified carboNZero landlord. They tasked White Rabbit with creating some custom illustrations to liven up a boring document.

Samson’s goal was to educate tenants on how they could make their business greener in three key areas – moving in, operating and moving out. We set out to craft some simple and fun illustrations for their company. These helped to provide an engaging visual narrative for their guidelines.

Company illustration

Clean and Green

Creating custom illustration that looks beautiful, engages the audience, and represents the brand well is always a challenge that we look forward to. By gaining an in-depth understanding of Samson’s eco-friendly practices, we were able to clearly present the company with illustrations that are unique to them.

We developed clean, crisp illustrations that complimented their vision and their dedication to be more sustainable.

Pastel colours were chosen to provide a softer, more nurturing feel throughout. Greens and yellows were used to symbolise the environment and energy.

We opted for a clean and flat style for their company illustration that emphasises the green tones and delivers the message in an instant and clear way.
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Flat design illustrations

The flat design style was used to create company illustrations that are simple, clean and help to draw the viewer into the content. The simplicity behind them means the message is clear and easy to understand quickly.

The thick flowing strokes and slightly rounded shapes provide a more friendly, human approach to the messaging.

Company illustrations that communicate

The final custom illustrations were combined with a minimal typographic aesthetic and lighter tones from the colour palette to create a distinctive design that communicates the eco-friendly tone.

The illustrations were laid out with the text to create an easy to read flow that breathes life into the guide.

Custom illustration

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