New modern website design and rebranding for a charity

Three hospices were merging to form one. With this came a complete company rebranding, unifying the previously individual organisations. We developed a new website design to give the charity a modern, forward-thinking look and feel, taking them into this exciting new chapter.

A charity website design that connects

North Shore, Warkworth Wellsford and Hibiscus Coast Hospices were all merging into one new entity – Harbour Hospice. We were approached by the charity to create a new website design with content from the 3 individual websites, a raft of new content and functionality and a complete overhaul on the design.

The previous websites for the three hospices were incredibly outdated and difficult to navigate. With the new brand re-launch it meant an opportunity to streamline everything and create a distinctive new central hub that would serve them well into the future.

Successful charity website development means gaining an understanding of the challenges, strengths and goals of the organisation. By doing so, we created a clean, functional new website that communicates key features quickly, effectively and has clear calls to action.


Charity website design in Auckland

The user experience

The charity’s website design makes use of large inviting imagery, a simple elegant type family, a complementary colour palette, and a clean, minimal style of layout. The website translates the kind, caring and friendly community that the hospice has become known for.

It communicates key fundraising events, has a simple donation process and advertises volunteer roles. The new website design drastically improves the user journey, simplifies the donation process and showcases the hospice in the best possible light.

Web design for NZ hospice charity

Re-designed. Re-imagined.

One of the pages that received the most traffic on their previous build was the hospice shop locations. We re-designed this page from the ground up. This content was previously just in a list format. We created an interactive map with markers, added opening hours, gps location, filters and categories to make finding what you want a breeze.

On the previous sites, feedback was that the contact details were difficult to find. We made sure these vital details were front and center when we re-designed the new site.

Web design for harbour hospice charity in New Zealand

Rebranding company communications

With an organisation that has been around for over 30 years, there was a lot of company rebranding required over many of their communications. One of the first items to be tackled was a new booklet design for an upcoming fundraising brunch. This was the first opportunity to put their new branding guidelines into practice in print.

The refresh went down a treat with a huge amount of positive feedback from their modern new look.

Brand refresh shown in their company brochure
Rebranding of company brochure design
We wanted to create a charity website design that reflects the incredible work they do, while providing an online gateway for people looking for support.
Company rebrand shown in their stationery
Company rebranding stationery design
Company rebranding on business cards

Taking the rebranding across company stationery

When working on the company rebrand we carefully considered the history, target audiences and how they envisioned the charity in the future.

We developed a highly-distinctive and memorable brand identity that was based on unique insights gathered through meetings and conversations with Harbour Hospice. With this, we created designs to engage the audience emotionally and communicate the offerings of the hospice whilst also imparting a strong sense of community and support.

The campaign was designed to be rolled out over all touchpoints, bringing a new level of visual impact and engagement to the company stationery, brochures, posters and online collateral. 

Annual report design
Annual report design for NZ companies
Annual report design for Auckland businesses

Annual report design

The annual report design provided another platform to execute the company rebranding on.

We set out to create a modern, clean and easy to digest annual report. We utilised custom icons and infographics to lead the reader through the information. Photographs highlighting the hospice community and personal testimonials helped to strike a chord with readers.

From the start, we were conscious of designing an annual report that would not only complement the new brand but make a lasting impression with its audience.

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