First-class logo and brand design for A2 Design

Architecture firm A2 Design asked us to create a new identity for their brand that would appeal to their target audience and represent the company's design style. We created a stylish new logo and new business cards.

Creating an eye-catching architect logo and brand identity

A2 Design is an architectural company focused on the residential property sector. They asked us to create a new brand identity to include a new logo and new business cards. The starting point for our designers was the company name, as the construction of the name was quite clever – A for the director’s initial, and 2 as a reference to meters squared.

With this as our inspiration, we created logo design NZ minimalists would love, something simple, sophisticated and memorable.

Simple black and white logo design for an architectural firm
White minimal typography logo design on a black background

Using black and white to create a new architect brand

The typeface is central to our design, with its simple structure and rounded corners. The two characters in the name appear firmly placed on the page, establishing a solid foundation for the brand identity.

In designing the new logo, we took into consideration where the logo would be used, including on signs, online, and on printed materials. In these considerations, our aim was to design a logo that would make an impact with A2 Design’s target audience.

Building signage featuring a simple black and white architect logo
Black and white notebook branding for an architect
Tote bag design of an architect logo
A2 Design takes a minimalist and modern approach when designing new homes. We made sure this was reflected in the new logo.

Designing black and white architect business cards


To design the business cards, we retained a minimalist approach and carried across the new brand identity developed via the new logo. As a result, there is plenty of whitespace, the colour scheme is effective, and the information is clear and easy to read.

The end result is that A2 Design has a logo and business cards that are attractive and help connect customers to the brand.

Simple front and back design of business cards for an architect company
Business cards standing on blocks displaying simple black and white design for an architect company
Front of a business card on display for an architectural firm

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