Styling a logo design that is hair to stay

Elegant hair salon logo design

Unveiling class and refinement with an elegant hair logo design

Unique Hair, a beauty and hair salon, approached us to create an elegant hair logo design Auckland‘s higher-end clientele would respond positively to. It needed to exude class and refinement while effectively representing their services. We took inspiration from curved shapes and circles to create a silhouette of a person’s side profile as the logo mark. This unique and eye-catching design element instantly conveys the nature of their business.

For the word ‘Unique’, we selected an elegant serif typeface that complements the logo mark. To add a touch of sparkle and distinction, we applied a subtle diamond into the logo design. For ‘Hair Design’, we opted for a modern sans serif typeface that complements the boldness of ‘Unique’ while maintaining a clean and contemporary look.

The colour palette chosen for the logo is neutral, with a rich brown hue that nods to the hair industry and brunette hair types. This choice adds warmth and sophistication to the design, further enhancing the overall class and elegance of the hair salon branding.


Elegant hair salon branding with serif font
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Elegant hair salon branding with neutral colours
Custom premium loyalty cards for hair salon in NZ
Hair salon website design in NZ
Modern hair salon window decals design

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