Designing business cards Auckland can trust

Rano Community Trust is committed to providing grants to sport, religious and educational organisations. They approached White rabbit to create some business cards for their nonprofit company in Auckland.

Cards that communicate

The Rano Community Trust operates gambling machines in order to raise funds for organisations in need in Auckland. Business cards were needed for their board of directors. They turned to White Rabbit to guide them through the process from concept to design, right thought to print.

We crafted a friendly and clean business card, designed to reflect the quality and personality of their organisation. Using their current logo as a starting point, we got to work creating a business card that speaks to their existing brand, their organisation and the community they serve.


Business cards in Auckland

With well designed business cards, Auckland companies aren’t taking a gamble

The aim of the new business cards was to reflect their professional yet approachable way of doing things. The personality of their organisation is anything but stiff-necked and corporate.

It was after viewing business cards we designed for other Auckland companies that Rano Community Trust approached us. They were confident that we could get the warmer tone they were wanting across, while keeping a clean, minimalist design.

We used the brand’s muted purple colour to portray a welcoming, accommodating vibe, while a clean, minimalist design maintained the professionalism of Rano Community Trust.

The typefaces were also carefully considered. We used a contemporary geometric typeface that brought the simplicity, elegance and warmth that was needed.

Business cards in Auckland, NZ
When handing out their business cards in Auckland, we wanted our client to be able to project a sense of professionalism and accessibility in a tactile way.
Business cards design and printing

Printing business cards to take Auckland by storm

To set the their approachable, warm tone in a more tangible way, we printed their business cards on a beautiful ultra-thick, textured paper stock. The cards are not only more durable, but soft to the touch with a cottony texture that looks and feels like no other business card.

The thick, quality card stock used also helps to provide a sense of stability and catches attention of those they are handed out to.

The business cards were a hit around Auckland with many companies and partners providing positive feedback after receiving them.

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