Creating A Wonderful monogram logo with the letters AW

We were asked by this ambitious and respected real estate company to create a new logo that was both clever and strong. Our team created a unique logo that would help AW Real Estate stand out on signage, online, in brochures, and in other marketing locations essential to the industry.

Keeping it real with real estate logo design

If you are in real estate, you will know just how competitive the marketplace can be. You need to stand out in as many ways as possible to attract new clients wanting to sell their properties, and then to find prospective buyers. Your logo is a crucial part of differentiating your real estate business from the competition.

When AW Real Estate came to us to design their logo, they wanted a design that was both clever and strong. AW Real Estate operates in Christchurch and the surrounding region, and the team wanted their logo to make an impact on signage they put up on properties as well as on other marketing materials.


Real estate logo design
Creative real estate logo
Monogram logos are a great way to build brand identity and get noticed by your customers because of the interweaving, eye-catching design.

How to get the creative (carrot) juices flowing with an AW in logo design

From the beginning of this logo design project, our designers wanted to create a logo that looked fantastic and pointed to the values of the brand. Those values centred around building strong and trusting relationships with clients. To achieve this, the design team focused on the initials A and W, integrating them to represent a connection.

Real estate signage design NZ
Website design for an NZ real estate business

Time for some teal

With the main part of the logo created, the team then applied teal to the A to ensure the letters were easily legible. This was essential for AW Real Estate as their logo would feature on signage put up on properties for sale. In other words, the logo had to be instantly recognisable and readable even to those in cars driving past the sign. Teal was also a good colour to represent the brand as it is a calming, revitalising, and rejuvenating colour.

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Designing amazing and modern real estate company logos

The logo design for AW Real Estate was finished by including a clean and bold typeface for the words to demonstrate professionalism, strength, and industry knowledge. The end result is a logo that stands out from others in the local area. Plus, not only is it unique, but it represents the key features of the AW Real Estate offering.

Our team at White Rabbit has extensive experience designing real estate agent logos and creating overall branding strategies. If you want to take your logo or branding to the next level, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or place your order today.

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