Brewing up a logo design for a craft beer consultancy

With experience working with some of NZ's most notable craft breweries, the owner of Bright Beer came to us to design a logo for his new business venture. No companies were currently operating in this space, meaning we could completely define this new niche.

Design a logo and let the ideas flow

After noticing a gap in the marketplace for a craft beer consultancy, Sam decided to venture out on his own. The idea for Bright Beer Craft Consulting was born.

With experience working for the big guns like DB and Lion and with some of NZ’s most iconic craft breweries like Tuatara, Boundary Road and Epic he had a unique insight into the industry and what was needed.

Bright beer provides industry foresight, technical knowledge and practical experience to small to medium sized craft breweries throughout NZ. Sam had the foresight to engage White Rabbit to design a logo for his new company. We were thrilled to get to work to develop this new brand.


Beer logo design
Craft brewery logo design

A hoppy result

We created two logo versions. One stacked and one in a banner format so Bright Beer had options for various applications.

The main idea behind the logo design is focussed around portraying the smart, thoughtful and expert advice that Bright Beer offers their clients.

We also knew we wanted to play on the name Bright Beer, so when we managed to design a logo which connected a thought bubble with the beer foam, we knew we were onto something. Some people may not see it at first glance but having this hidden meaning creates a real aha moment when you do.

This can also connote how Bright Beer can create these aha moments as they steer craft breweries in the right direction.

Design a logo
Design a logo in NZ
We aimed to design a logo that gives impact and recognition to the brand, as well as highlighting their innovative thinking and hands on approach to consultancy.
Clever beer logo design on wall

The bright way to design a logo

We set out to design a logo that is clever, slightly quirky and memorable. The craft beer industry is vehemently anti-corporate so we wanted to steer the brand away from an overly corporate look.

We used a charming, character filled hand drawn font as a nod to the creativity behind craft beers and a rebellion against any corporate style typefaces.

By creating a brand voice that is clear and clever with a handcrafted feel, we managed to design a logo for Bright Beer that brings a fresh, unconventional perspective to an industry that loves to defy the conventional.

This unique and memorable logo design is sure to prove hit with the craft beer audience.

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