Influencing with a new logo for a social media-driven brand

The Lone Drake is a fashion brand that does its business in the sphere of social media. The stylish, modern, and one-of-a-kind logo we created fits with its brand persona. It also looks great in the physical world when stitched onto clothing, as well as the digital world on social channels.

The Lone Drake Ft. White Rabbit with their latest creative collaboration

Clothing company The Lone Drake sells luxurious, high-end apparel and accessories. It does this primarily through social media, working with influencers to promote the brand and product range. The team at The Lone Drake asked us to design a new logo to represent the company and make an impression in both the fashion industry and on social media.

They are a creative bunch at The Lone Drake, so there was energetic collaboration on the project as we created a design to fit their vision and brand ethos. One particular focus was to ensure the new logo would look great on clothing while also standing out on social media posts, videos, and stories.


Letter D logo design
Designer fashion label logos

Using the letters L and D to create this new logo design

Our designers focused on the two main initials of the company name to create a monogram-style logo for The Lone Drake. The starting point was to select the font. We took inspiration from other fashion brands where serif typefaces are very popular because of their clean, stylish, and modern appearance.

From there, we blended the letters L and D to create a unique design that would become the main focal point of the logo. This design has since been used on its own to represent The Lone Drake brand. It has a minimalist look that is ultra-modern and perfect for both clothing and social media.

Custom coffee mug with company logo printed NZ
D logo design
The monogram-style image that we created for The Lone Drake logo is unique and memorable, so it is ideal for making a mark in the noisy world of social media.
Luxury fashion brand logo

Setting the trend with luxury fashion brand logo design

The black and white palette that we used in The Lone Drake’s new logo enhanced its sophisticated appearance. We also spaced out the letters in the company name under the L and D image, adding to the minimalist look as well as the sense of luxury that is part of the essence of the brand.

Creating high-end fashion logos for leading brands

The logo we designed was applied in a range of areas, including in signage, on the company’s social media channels, and, of course, on its range of clothing. The uniqueness of the design made it a central component of the brand. To find out more and to get a new logo designed for your fashion company, get in touch with us at White Rabbit.

Minimal fashion logo design
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