A wheel'y great branding project for our wabbits

Clever bike logo design
Retro bike logo design

A creative spin on a bike logo design, using Y and B letters

YellowBike Consulting, leading business development specialists, approached us with a clear vision – to create an innovative and clever logo that would make a statement. Drawing inspiration from their initials, Y and B, we embarked on designing a logo that would encapsulate their brand identity.

Using a creative approach, we cleverly crafted the Y and B letters into a bike logo design, with the top of the ‘b’ forming the handle, the top of the ‘y’ creating the shape of the bike seat, and the circular shapes of the letters forming the wheels. The result was a unique and visually appealing logo that conveyed the brand’s innovative and dynamic nature. To further enhance the logo, we selected a round-ended typeface, adding to its modern and sophisticated look. Navy and yellow was carefully chosen to evoke professionalism and vibrancy, while creating a striking contrast that made the logo stand out.

We seamlessly carried the yellow and blue consulting logo design to the business card, where we prominently featured the logo mark to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity. The business card design incorporated the navy and yellow colour palette, creating a visually appealing and cohesive look that reinforced YellowBike Consulting’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


Modern blue and white business cards in NZ
Company logo printed on mugs
Custom logo branded notebook
Bike logo on business cards
Logo printing on t-shirts in New Zealand
Company instagram post design using bold text heading

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