Getting 'em laid with brilliant logo and business card design

You know us rabbits: we love seeing them get laid. Sustainable hardwood flooring, that is! So, we were delighted when Mount Pacific Group asked us to create a new logo for their flooring brand. The logo we designed connects the company's origins with the services they provide.

Hitting the floor hopping with expert branding and logo design

Mount Pacific Group is a company involved in forest management and the supply of hardwood flooring. They asked us to design a new logo with a brief that included featuring elements that would represent the location where the idea for the business was formed. That location was Tauranga, New Zealand, and Mount Maunganui specifically. Our designers love creating compelling logo design in Tauranga that enhances our customers’ brands.

The concept we developed involved creating a logo mark that would represent the letter M in the company’s name. This logo mark would ensure we designed a compelling and completely unique wooden flooring company logo for Mount Pacific Group. The M-shape not only connected the logo to the company, but also allowed us to shape the design in a way that represented the Mount.


Green and black logo for a wooden flooring company

Timber floor company logo and business card design

To further enhance the design, our designers added trees to the logo mark. The trees themselves represent both the products the company provides and the Mount Maunganui location. Furthermore, the angle of the trees on the logo enhances the representation of the rolling Tauranga landscape. To finish the logo mark element of the design, we applied a bright grass/forestry green.

For the company name, we used a strong sans serif typeface that would get attention. The company name is quite long, but the shape we created for the logo mark enabled us to place the company name over two lines, enhancing the impact even further. The end result is a polished logo that makes multiple relevant connections – the company itself, the products and services it offers, and the location where the idea was born.

Logo consisting of M shape and trees reversed out on a green background
The trees in the design have a negative space effect, making the logo mark even more striking when applied to the green background.
Green and white stationery branding for a hardwood flooring company
Business card designs laid out on wooden flooring

Designing letterheads and business cards for leading flooring company

With the logo finalised, we went on to create a new letterhead and business cards for Mount Pacific Group. On the business cards, one side is green and features the logo. The contact details are printed on a white background on the reverse side, with the logo mark and a subtle use of green also featuring.

We also include elements of the logo in the design of the letterhead, including stylishly adding the tree design in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. The effect is highly professional and unique.

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