Adding some retro flavour to a menu design for Auckland's newest diner

The Monterey diner wanted to create an authentic American diner experience here in Auckland. Menu design should always reflect the style of restaurant or cafe it's in. We went all out to bring the retro diner theme to life.

Crafting an appetising menu design for Auckland’s newest diner

The Monterey Diner is a classic American diner located in part of a cinema. They came to White Rabbit to create a menu design for their restaurant in Auckland. They wanted to enhance their customer’s experience by bringing the retro diner look and feel across to their printed menus.

We of course conducted our in-depth research, which may or may not have consisted of eating a substantial amount of their burgers and hot dogs. Our team are always committed to the cause.

We designed and printed Monterey Diner’s new menu to reflect the authentic diner experience they offered. A new logo for the diner rounded out the project.


Menu design Auckland

Bringing a taste of American diners to Auckland with menu design

One of the most important brand touchpoints of a restaurant is the menu design. Auckland diners are in for a treat if they visit the Monterey Diner. And not just because their curly fries are really good.

When it came to communicating the Monterey Diner Brand through a visual language, we realised early on that some classic diner style illustrations would be an effective approach. We leaned into this and created a few for some the the common food items.

In addition, we added other classic elements such as a banner and starburst to really set the design off. Careful consideration was also given to the typography and colour palette. For the finishing touches we applied a distressed retro texture over the key elements to give an authentic aged look.

Retro menu design Auckland

One retro logo design coming up

Pulling inspiration from many old school American diner signs, posters and interiors, our team created a logo design that also takes a retro approach, fully capturing the vision of the Monterey Diner brand.

White Rabbit used typefaces that pay homage to this cultural icon. The cyan and pink colour combination is a tribute to the classic American diners colour schemes of the 1950s.

With the logo design set, our team then incorporated the colour palette and look and feel into the menu design to make this Auckland diner pop. The result is a cohesive design that is a testament to the beautifully distinct American diner experience.

Retro diner logo
Through the colour palette, illustrations and retro typography, we created a fun menu design that transports Auckland diners to 1950s America.

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