Childcare/daycare logo and branding design with a difference

Leading daycare provider Mamma Bear asked us at White Rabbit to create an innovative logo that would make their service stand out while also taking their branding to another level. The logo that our designers developed brought together the key features of the brand in a single design.

Bearing little resemblance to standard childcare and daycare logos

With this project, our designers had a daycare company with a name that included the word bear. The temptation is to simply create a basic illustration of a bear, add some colour, and you’re done. This isn’t enough for our team, though. We wanted to go deeper to ensure the logo we designed would have more of an impact. We created some eye-catching graphic design NZ daycares would be envious of, giving them an advantage over their competitors.

This approach matched our customer perfectly, as Mamma Bear is different from other daycare businesses. It is a company with creative flair and a willingness to push the boundaries with its branding. The owners wanted to take a risk to get a logo that represented what they stood for.

Daycare logo design

Caring about the details of logo design

So, we had a customer willing to take a risk to get the best possible logo and a team of designers fully committed to creating a design that was better than other daycare centre logos. The focus was to develop a design that would portray care, love, and fun.

We also wanted the logo to have an emotional impact. After all, daycare centre customers are looking for something very specific when deciding where they are going to send their children. It is not about simply checking off a list of required features. Instead, customers have to make an emotional connection with the childcare centre, and that was our challenge.

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Parent and kid-friendly logo design – challenge accepted

This challenge was relished by our team of designers. They started by designing the image of the bear to make it different from other daycare logo images. They did this by creating an image of an adult bear caring for and loving a younger bear. However, to make the design interesting and unique, they used negative space to create the illusion of a Mamma bear caring for a baby bear. This is much more impactful than taking a more simplistic approach.

The two bears have a comfortable, relaxed appearance.

The overall effect is a logo that is warm and welcoming. It is an invitation to become a part of this friendly, trusting, and caring community devoted to ensuring every child achieves their full potential – and have fun while doing so.

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The power of colour in imagination and happiness

In terms of colours, we developed a light blue palette to trigger a sense of imagination, friendship, and happiness when viewing the logo, as well as making it appealing to both parents and children.

This completed the logo and branding style, allowing our website design company to finalise the website for the Mamma Bear childcare centre. The focus was on incorporating the blue colour palette thoroughly throughout the website. This ensured brand consistency with the logo, as well as having the effect of making the logo stand out even more. The soft blue styling was used in a number of design features on every page of the site.

The result is a website that is not only functional, informative, and easy to use, but also clearly expresses the warm, welcoming, and caring features of the Mamma Bear brand.

Logos that really resonate with customers are those that trigger an emotional reaction. This is the style of logo we created for Mamma Bear.
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Blue business cards with teddybear logo

Consistency across all media

Mamma Bear is a brand that can be seen in a range of different ways and formats by its community of parents and children, as well as the wider community. This includes vehicles used by the daycare centre, signage inside and outside the building, and flyers, in addition to on the website. Our team made sure the brand would translate strongly in all these locations.

Vehicle signage in Auckland

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